Integra LifeSciences launches coral cobalt chrome rods


Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation announced the launch of 5.5mm Coral(TM) cobalt chrome rods in a range of lengths for use in spinal correction and fusion procedures. With the addition of cobalt chrome rods, the Coral(TM) Spinal System now offers three rod options, which also include rigid and malleable titanium rods.

By offering a range of rod options, the surgeon can now make intra-operative decisions on rod rigidity after the placement of spinal screws. The unique properties of cobalt chrome alloy make the new rods stiffer than the titanium rods currently offered in the Coral(TM) Spinal System. The increased stiffness helps maintain spinal correction under heavier loads without compromising imaging capabilities. In addition, cobalt chrome rods have minimal spring back capability, thereby reducing the need to over bend the rods when adjusting them for specific curve correction.

Randy Theken, President of Integra Spine said, We are very pleased to add cobalt chrome rods to our Coral(TM) Spinal System, which will give the surgeon broader options when treating the patient.

In 2007, the largest of all three segments in the U.S. spinal fusion market (cervical, interbody and thoracolumbar) was the traditional thoracolumbar implant market, consisting of devices used in thoracolumbar fusions for degenerative, deformity, and trauma/tumor conditions. Valued at over $1.9 billion in 2007, the traditional thoracolumbar implant market is expected to grow steadily. Many thoracolumbar procedures may be performed using a pedicle screw system such as the Coral(TM) Spinal System.