Kimberly-Clark Health Care announced increase in selling price of single-use medical products


-Increases to be Implemented on Certain Products as a Result of Significantly Higher Raw Material Costs-

ROSWELL, Ga. ─ April 19, 2011 ─ Kimberly-Clark Health Care (KCHC) announced today that it will increase the price of certain products within its portfolio most impacted by rapidly escalating costs of raw materials derived from oil. 

In 24 months, market costs have almost tripled for high grade polypropylene polymer, which comprises the nonwoven materials used in many of KCHC’s single-use products. The cost of butadiene and acrylonitrile, the main raw materials used to produce nitrile synthetic gloves, have experienced similar cost increases during the same timeframe.

Although KCHC planned for rising costs of raw materials, inflationary pressures have been beyond expectations and have outweighed a series of aggressive and sustained cost reduction measures implemented across the business. All areas of the business have been examined thoroughly, including a reduction in energy and resource use, a part of KCHC’s ongoing sustainability program.

“By no means are we done looking at further offsets to reduce the price pressure for our customers and we’ll continue to do so,” said John Amat, vice president, Global Sales and Marketing, KCHC. “In the meantime, however, it’s important that we continue to deliver the same high quality products that our customers expect, and this means maintaining top quality raw materials.”

The price increases will affect Kimberly-Clark’s single-use medical products and are effective subject to notification periods. 

Kimberly-Clark in the Healthcare Environment

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