Large Imaging Center Chain Purchases Carestream Health’s SuperPACS Architecture


Doshi Diagnostic Imaging Services of Hicksville, N.Y., purchased Carestream Health’s SuperPACS™ Architecture to create a more efficient workflow and enterprise-wide access to patient imaging exams and information. The company, which performs 1.4 million procedures a year, has 38 multi-modality imaging centers in the New York City metropolitan area and in major cities throughout Florida.

SuperPACS will create a global worklist of exams for all these locations and allow the company to prioritize exams according to radiologists’ specialties and other user-defined factors. The company’s intelligent streaming and tunneling technology also will  transmit exams quickly even over lower bandwidth connections to allow highly productive remote reading of new exams along with related prior exams—regardless of where the exams were captured or archived.

Lyle Backenroth, Doshi Diagnostic’s Chief Information Officer said, SuperPACS is an excellent investment because it will enable us to boost efficiency and lower costs. Directing exams to radiologists according to their specialties creates a more efficient reading process and also delivers better patient care. At the same time, we will enhance our remote reading functionality to achieve a more flexible workflow and reduce expenses related to on-site staff, space and equipment.

He adds that many radiologists would like to read imaging exams from home and this platform will allow Doshi Diagnostic to employ these radiologists to perform specialty reading, assist during peak periods or perform after-hours reading.