Medical Alarm Concepts partners with American Logistics to expand distribution capability


Medical Alarm Concepts Holding, Inc., manufacturer of the MediPendant™, the first fully-monitored medical alarm system that allows you to speak and listen directly through the pendant, announced its partnership with American Logistics for expanded distribution and fulfillment of its products.

By outsourcing these services, Medical Alarm Concepts will not only increase its distribution capability, but make it easier for its existing distributor base to access the MediPendant.

"Distributors already in the medical alarm business, as well as new distributors in the security industry, are very receptive to our products. The personal medical alarm space is large and growing, but most of the technologies being offered are highly antiquated relative to our speak through the pendant technology. We are very enthusiastic about this partnership," said Howard Teicher, CEO of Medical Alarm Concepts. "Outsourcing our shipping and fulfillment services will allow us to cut costs and focus the company’s resources on new distribution partners, as well as increase our customer base. In addition, it puts key pieces in place to start expansion of sales and distribution in other countries."