Intuit combines Medfusion with Quicken Health Group


Intuit Inc. has transformed its healthcare business by combining newly acquired Medfusion with its Quicken Health Group to create a new business unit called Intuit Health. Based in Cary, N.C., the group is committed to improving healthcare through innovative online connected services that make the clinical, administrative, and financial side of healthcare easier for everyone.

Intuit Health’s patient-to-provider communication solutions extend the value of an electronic health record to give patients timely electronic access to their health information. It will also help providers qualify for the $44,000 per physician payment funded in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

"Providing patients with easy and secure online access to their information is no longer a ‘nice to have,’ under new federal regulations, it’s practically a requirement for physician practices today," said Stephen Malik, president and general manager of Intuit Health. "An online patient portal improves the efficiency, privacy and security of patient-provider communications, supporting a number of the government requirements that providers must have to make meaningful use of their information technology. And as one combined entity, Intuit Health has the unique expertise and assets to improve the healthcare landscape and help providers and their patients in a way that no other company can."

The online patient portal currently handles more than 93,000 daily transactions, connecting 32,000 providers and 2.5 million patients. The portal improves office efficiency by making it easy for patients to go online to request appointments, pay bills, request prescription refills, complete medical forms, receive lab results and clinical summaries, conduct virtual office visits, and exchange messages for related care and administrative issues through a secure platform, at any time, from anywhere.

Americans increasingly want online assistance for their healthcare needs. A 2010 Intuit Health survey showed that 72 percent of respondents between the ages 18-65 would use an online tool that would help them pay their medical bills, communicate with their doctor more easily, make appointments and get lab results. Eighty-four percent said they would complete their medical forms online before their doctor’s appointment if they had that option.

Intuit Health is part of the Medical Group Management Association AdminiServe®Partner Network and a Member Advantage partner for the American Academy of Family Physicians. The patient portal was selected as a "Software Category Leader" each of the past two years by KLAS Research, an independent firm that monitors vendor performance.