Mountain Pacific Venture Fund Invests in Laparoscopic Device Company Xenocor


Mountain Pacific Venture Fund (MPVF) announced aninvestment in Xenocor, a Salt Lake City, Utah-based medical device company that has developedtheXenoscope™, a single-use, multi-purpose HD laparoscope with an integrated light source. Designed to befog proof, the Xenoscope minimizes common visualization challenges and provides consistent image quality through electrocautery smoke.

“Our vision is to make minimally invasive approaches more accessible and affordable to hospitals and patients around the world,” said Evan Kelso, CEO of Xenocor. “We set out to make a more effective and reliable surgical device, whichwould enhancethe quality of care for patients, but wehavealso dramatically impactedthe bottom line for hospitals and surgery centers by reducingupfront capital expenditures, and eliminatingboth service contracts and maintenance costs,making it more accessible to those who need it.”

Xenocor’s innovative technology improves upon dated laparoscopic surgery devices. As a single-use, disposable device, Xenoscope reduces the risk of disease transmission and minimizes operational downtime since there is no need to sterilize the scope pre-surgery. Xenoscope is paired with the Xenobox HD image optimizer, a compact reusable unit that serves as the power supply, adapter and video processor. It offer suniversal“plug and play” functionality for seamless integration into any HD monitor or existing operating room imaging infrastructure.

“We are seeing a steady increase in demand for single-use scopes, driven by a rise in hospital acquired infections and a push from the FDA to start transitioning away from devices that require reprocessing,” said June Chen, MD, Managing Partner of MPVF. “These factors, along with the current pandemic, are fueling a sea change where more procedures will be done outside of the hospital in lower risk settings such as outpatient clinics or ambulatory surgery centers where Xenoscope can have really have an impact.”

The Xenoscope system is FDA cleared, CE marked and on the market. MPVF’s investment will support Xenocor’s commercialization efforts, with an initial focus on the growing ambulatory surgery center (ASC) market.

About Mountain Pacific Venture Fund Mountain Pacific Venture Fund (MPVF) is a Salt Lake City-based venture capital firm focused on equipping early-stage life sciences and biotech companies with the capital and hands-on support they need to change the future of the healthcare industry. With a geographical emphasis on the Mountain West and South Korea, MPVF is positioned to help innovators meet the ever-changing demands of the global community.

About Xenocor
Xenocor offers a suite of leading edge, fog-free, disposable surgical technologies for minimally invasive, abdominal and thoracic procedures. These product offerings are FDA cleared and patent protected.Xenocor is a privately held corporation, based in Salt LakeCity, UT.