NextiraOne launches LinkerConnect in France

NextiraOne, a communications services company, has today announced the launch of its new "LinkerConnect" WAN offering (wide area networks) in France. 
Entitled "The Only WAN," this offer will allow businesses and public sector organisations to build their own inter-site communications networks, according to their own constraints of service, availability and performance, working with an independent partner and free from dependence on traditional telecoms operators.
NextiraOne has been active in the WAN market since 2007 and soon recognised the need and the desire expressed by a number of large enterprises that felt unable to control their own networks and wanted to free themselves from the traditional services offered by the operators. 
NextiraOne therefore set up its first offering designed to help these companies to build their own backbones and become the sole masters of their networks.
From 2009, NextiraOne wanted to take this further by supporting local communities also wishing to become independent with their own telecom networks and capitalising on the many public initiatives in France as part of the country's national plans for digital development. 
NextiraOne's 'One Connect' offering and the company's strong geographical spread means it can provide dedicated, customised networks for large local communities and public institutions (such as the Loire Regional Council or SIEA in the l'Ain region). 
These can bring together their communities with their different networks into a common network but with their own services. The financial advantages are obvious and the communities are also prepared for future technological advances they will need to make.
The launch of NextiraOne's LinkerConnect offering, supported by the company's "Linker" national network of over 200 sites across Europe, completes the company's global WAN portfolio with the aim of freeing customers from the restrictive offers of today's market. 
This unique offering allows organisations to create networks which take account of all the new requirements demanded by the explosive growth in the information exchange – image streaming (including multi-cast), data centre interconnection within disaster recovery planning and also taking into account user mobility.
"Our WAN portfolio is designed for businesses and communities that see the wide area network as the vital pillar of their information systems," explains Franck Marconnet, Sales Manager for the WAN activities at NextiraOne France. 
"NextiraOne's strength lies in our independence from both vendors and operators, plus our ability to create and deliver customised next generation networks."
NextiraOne continues, however, to be first and foremost a system integrator, the watchword of which is service. Even if the company acts as an operator within the regulatory definition (a licensed operator), the ultimate goal of the company is to manage its projects with the same dedication and attention to detail as it does in its integration projects.
"Our aim is to build networks for our customers, not to sell networks, and this is where our approach differs from that of traditional offers. However, businesses no longer want to just buy simple connection services in isolation, they want a true partner who will build and maintain their network. From this point of view, NextiraOne's geographical spread and local roots are a real advantage and few operators can claim to have as many local teams in France and other European territories," says Franck Marconnet.
NextiraOne works with a number of vendor partners to support this WAN offering (including Cisco, Juniper and Alcatel-Lucent in particular) and also cooperates with partners dedicated to hosting and transport including public network initiatives such as Axione or Covage in France, amongst others.