Nuesoft announced the launch of NueMD EHR 5.2


Nuesoft Technologies Inc. announced the launch of its electronic health record (EHR). The NueMD® EHR 5.2 is certified for Ambulatory EHR 2007 by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT®), and accompanies NueMD’s medical practice management software solution to comprise NueMD® Complete, a fully integrated practice management and electronic medical record.

Nuesoft Technologies CEO Massoud Alibakhsh said, Nuesoft has accrued expertise about the complex world of medical billing and practice management since 1993. We’re now extending that expertise to the clinical side by adding an electronic health record to our suite of products. This will enable us to more effectively compete in today’s rapidly changing landscape, where there is a sudden demand for electronic health records spurred by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.

NueMD is the only combined EHR/practice management solution on the market that uses an Internet-based technology. This means that it is not delivered through a Web browser, but via a direct connection that avoids public networks for ultimate security and speed. Advantages of Internet-based applications include faster response times, platform independence and greater security than other solutions.