Performance Anxiety and How to Deal with It


Did you know anxiety can engulf you at any point in life? Some people think they are only nervous, but the nervousness can also be mild anxiety. There is no specific way to fully get over anxiety, but you can control it by incorporating a few measures. Performance anxiety is a type of anxiety that most of us go through.

You can experience performance anxiety at work, performance anxiety in sports, and at the stage, etc. People search for the best ed medicines for performance anxiety. However, you have to treat anxiety yourself by being mindful and controlling your conscious mind 

Signs of performance anxiety

At some point or the other, we all have faced performance anxiety. There are a few signs that are most evident when your performance anxiety kicks in. Our body has a mechanism called fight or flight. When we are incredibly nervous, our bodies react in different ways to cope with anxiety. Here are a few signs that you may experience when you are extremely tense and anxious:

  • Your knees start to shake, and you have a hard time walking steadily.
  • You feel tightness in your throat and feel like having water.
  • You can notice your heart beating rapidly and your pulse increasing.
  • You feel bile rising in your throat and suddenly experience an urge to vomit.
  • You have cold hands and feet along with cold sweat.
  • In extreme cases, your vision gets blurry, and your head starts to spin.

How to control performance anxiety

We all have some kind of performance anxiety or stage fear. There can be a variety of reasons for us feeling performance pressure. Sometimes, we burden ourselves with our expectations. The excessive burden can cause mental stress and induces negative thoughts. However, there are a few tips that you can practice when feeling extreme performance anxiety.

1.     Put in hard work

The key to feeling less performance anxiety is to prepare and work seamlessly on the back end. When you are ready, you feel confident and motivated to showcase your talent. If you have a class presentation, you should put in your maximum effort.

When you prepare seamlessly for a big day or your performance on the stage, you can assure yourself. Self-assurance is only possible if you know you have prepared. You can also practice in front of your parents and friends to shake off the hesitation.

2.     Do not let your mind wander.

It takes a lot of practice to control your mind and stop it from wandering. However, you can do so by concentrating on the present. Performance anxiety engulfs you because you only think about negatives rather than positives. We are guilty of thinking about all the things that can go wrong rather than right.

If you fall into the same category; then, you are probably overthinking. You should take a few deep breaths and focus on your performance. If you have performance pressure at work, you should remind yourself of the efforts you are making.

3.     Focus on yourself only

Most people do not even know the performance anxiety definition before they experience it. You can go through a lot of emotions when you are under pressure and feeling sensitive. The worst thing you can do is compare yourself with the people around you.

We are our most prominent critics when it comes to our weaknesses. While it is vital to give yourself a reality check, it is also essential to take it easy. To keep performance anxiety at bay, you must try focusing on yourself only. When you focus on yourself, you tend to perform better and more vigilantly.

4.    Caffeine boost

If you do not feel anxious often, but you feel it on a specific occasion, a caffeine boost can fix it. You can add kratom powder to your coffee or make a matcha tea to pick up your mood.

●      Matcha tea

Matcha is an alternative to caffeine, but it has the same effects as coffee. Matcha tea is rich in antioxidants and has a variety of different plant-based compounds. These plant-based compounds are significant in maximizing gut health and boosting brain function. The main reason this tea will attract you the most is that it can also help you lose weight.

●      Kratom

If you have no idea what kratom is, then you are missing out big time. Kratom is a gift sent from heaven as it naturally boosts brain function and cures mental illnesses. Red Vietnam Kratom Powder is one of the best kratom strains availa. You can have it with any drink you have in the morning. It will provide you a caffeine kick as well as promote mental stability.

Besides using your conscious mind to treat anxiety you can try natural remedies such as the best kratom for anxiety.

5.   Do a quick workout

If you already workout, then you probably know the good benefits of doing it every day. When you move your body and do some sort of exercise, all the negative energy burns off. On the day of your performance, try to burn off all the negative energy. You will feel light, and all your negative energy will transform into positive.