ReddyPort launches Microphone and Controller a first-of-its-kind non-invasive ventilation medical technology allowing patient communication


ReddyPort, a medical technology company focused on bringing non-invasive ventilation (NIV) products into market, announced the launch of ReddyPort™ Microphone and Controller, a first-of-its-kind device that includes a single-patient use microphone which integrates with ReddyPort™ Elbow, providing an interface for application of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or bi-level therapy.

ReddyPort Microphone and Controller is a proprietary system enabling clinicians and patients to communicate clearly with one another and their families during treatment, without removing their mask and reducing known risks for successful NIV therapy. For clinicians and family members, it helps ease the frustration of not being able to understand the patient behind the mask, especially during a life-threatening illness.

NIV is the use of breathing support, often times administered through a face mask where air, with added oxygen, is delivered through positive pressure. This treatment is considered non-invasive because it is delivered with a mask fitted to the face, but without a need for tracheal intubation, and also used to wean patients off mechanical ventilation. NIV is the first line of therapy in respiratory insufficiency or failure like COPD, CHF1-2, Asthma3, pneumonia4, or ARDS5.

“Non-invasive ventilation is often a life-saving patient intervention for respiratory distress, but these ventilation masks create barriers for adequate communication between doctors and patients,” said Dr. Quinn M. Snyder, emergency physician in Mesa, Arizona. “As an emergency physician, my ability to obtain accurate and expedient clinical history can often alter the course of treatment. With the ReddyPort microphone technology, I am no longer deprived of information I need to care for these critical patients.”

Patients also experience physical discomforts that can impede physical wellbeing during NIV treatment, including dry mouth and phlegm build-up. NIV treatment clinical studies conclude mask intolerance is a major cause of overall NIV failure6, resulting in increased length of hospital stay and poor outcomes. Removing a NIV mask during critical treatment—including proper oral care—can lead to airway and alveolar collapse7 and potential risk of aerosolization and transmission of bio-aerosols for healthcare providers.

About ReddyPort
ReddyPort products promote non-invasive ventilation (NIV) success and better care experiences for patients on NIV, providing solutions to help improve satisfaction, reduce risk and cost, enable better workflows, and enhance quality of care