SeaSpine Announces Full Commercial Launch of the Shoreline RT Cervical Interbody Implant System


SeaSpine Holdings Corporation, a global medical technology company focused on surgical solutions for the treatment of spinal disorders, announced the full commercial launch of the Shoreline RT Cervical Interbody Implant System. Shoreline RT describes a series of products that enhance NanoMetalene® technology with the Company’s proprietary Reef Topography™.

Reef Topography describes the machined macrostructures and undercut features of the implant that are designed to promote bony interlocking by increasing the surface area for new bone to grow onto and into the implant. Shoreline RT provides 40% more NanoMetalene endplate surface area and 50% more NanoMetalene aperture surface area versus Shoreline without Reef Topography.

“The clinical confidence I have in the NanoMetalene technology, coupled with the increased surface area of the Reef Topography, serves to increase my trust that the implant is working as hard as I am to achieve a fusion,” stated Dr. John Faryna, Spine Institute of Arizona.

The Shoreline RT system is designed to be used in ACDF (anterior cervical discectomy fusion) procedures as part of the Company’s Shoreline® ACS TruProfile® Plating System or in combination with its Cabo™ anterior cervical plate.

The Shoreline RT system includes multiple footprints, as well as 10- and 15-degree lordotic implant options, both of which allow surgeons the ability to intraoperatively address a wide range of anatomy and surgical situations. Shoreline RT has been deliberately designed to achieve fusion by working together with the Company’s best-in-class allograft demineralized bone matrix offerings OsteoStrand® and OsteoStrand Plus® and adds to the strength of the Shoreline Interbody Portfolio and SeaSpine’s Cervical offerings.

“Combined with proprietary NanoMetalene technology and the deliberate design of Reef Topography surface technology, Shoreline RT is a perfect illustration of our Fusion Engineered™ philosophy,” stated Dennis Cirino, Senior Vice President, Global Spinal Systems. “This is another example of how SeaSpine continues to focus on delivering improved procedural solutions – we are advancing every facet of our portfolio from access to Implants to Orthobiologics and in this case, a proprietary and advanced interbody surface technology.”

About SeaSpine
SeaSpine is a global medical technology company focused on the design, development and commercialization of surgical solutions for the treatment of patients suffering from spinal disorders. SeaSpine has a comprehensive portfolio of orthobiologics and spinal implants solutions to meet the varying combinations of products that neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons need to perform fusion procedures on the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine. SeaSpine’s orthobiologics products consist of a broad range of advanced and traditional bone graft substitutes that are designed to improve bone fusion rates following a wide range of orthopedic surgeries, including spine, hip, and extremities procedures. SeaSpine’s spinal implants portfolio consists of an extensive line of products to facilitate spinal fusion in degenerative, minimally invasive surgery (MIS), and complex spinal deformity procedures. Expertise in both orthobiologic sciences and spinal implants product development allows SeaSpine to offer its surgeon customers a differentiated portfolio and a complete solution to meet their fusion requirements. SeaSpine currently markets its products in the United States and in approximately 30 countries worldwide through a committed network of increasingly exclusive distribution partners.