Sectra Signs Contract With Large Reginoal Hospital In Netherlands

Sectra has signed a five-year agreement for a complete radiology IT solutions with the two-site regional hospital Gelre Ziekenhuizen in the Netherlands. The fully integrated solution will ultimately result in shorter waiting times and more rapid care for patients.

The order includes an upgrade of the customer’s existing system for managing digital radiology images (PACS) as well as service and support. The hospitals also invest in Sectra’s system for efficient handling of patient information (RIS) with fully integrated Speech Recognition. Additionally, Sectra Control Tower, as solution for radiology workflow management, will be implemented to further streamline processes at the hospital’s radiology departments.

Radiology Manager Henk Bronts at Gelre Ziekenhuizen says, Sectra has proven its ability to provide efficient, future-proof services, and we are confident that by further investing in their integrated RIS/PACS/Speech-solution we will be able to improve our workflow dramatically.