Steps to Follow for Getting Your Hair Back to Its Former Self


After years of unhealthy hair practices, your hair will not be the same. It won’t be better and can take a lot to get it back to where it was. Though, there are several reasons why your hair can contribute to hair not being as it was.

There are several measures you can take to your hair glory days back. There are natural ways you can implement as early as possible and some hair products. With the use of proper hair care products, your hair will get to its former self.

Here are some steps you can follow:

1.   Scalp Massage

The first move to make when you want your hair to get back to where it was is scalp massage. This is a daily routine that you can use to help with hair growth and relieve stress.

When you stretch the scalp while massaging, it stimulates the hair to thicken and grow back to its former self. There are several hair products that you can use for massage. Compare between Roman vs Keeps seeing which one fits your style.

When you massage your scalp daily, you’ll see the benefits in not too long.

2.   Check Your Medication

Another reason that your hair may be suffering is the medication you’re taking. Various drugs will affect your hair including, birth control pills and antihypertensives.

When you’re starting a new prescription, you should discuss with your doctor the side effects. You may end up agreeing on other forms of medication, if permissible, to reduce damage to your hair.

Other drugs that may be detrimental to your hair are testosterone, hormone replacements, statins, and some anti-depressants.

3.   Avoid Smoking

If you’re a smoker, this may well be the reason for your damaged hair. When you smoke, blood flow to your scalp is interrupted, and your hair is affected. When there isn’t enough blood flow, oxygen and other vital nutrients don’t reach the scalp.

Another thing is that the toxins from smoke can settle in the hair follicles. This will massively disrupt your hair.

4.   Use Lemon Juice

For advanced hair quality, you need to rub a bit of lemon juice on your hair. This will also help to maintain the scalp and stimulate hair growth.

When you want to use lemon juice on your hair, there are few things to note

  • Use lemon juice only when you want to wash your hair
  • Apply lemon juice around 15 minutes before you shampoo your hair.
  • You don’t need to rinse out the lemon juice before applying shampoo

5.   TeleMedicine

If you’ve been looking towards the hair care products market, you may have noticed a struggle. It’s between Roman vs Keeps. These are two of the top telemedicine that can be used to get your hair back to its former self. Choosing between them can be challenging.

When it comes down to it, you need to go for what works best for you. For example, if you’re going for fast shipping at a low cost, the Roman should work for you. There are other things that you can look at too.

However, they all have one thing in common: they are honest and work a treat to get your hair back.

6.   Use Cool Water to Rinse

You can’t bring your hair to where it was before unless you strengthen it. One of the best ways you can enhance it is by rinsing it with cool water. Most people assume that hot water is suitable for their hair, but it isn’t.

Your scalp is like your skin in every scenario, and hot water can cause dryness. And it can also damage the scalp. When you wash your hair, you need to use cool water, but only if you can handle it.

You can also use lukewarm water if you can’t handle cool water.

7.   Aloe Vera

When looking for a wholly natural way of treating your hair, Aloe Vera should be your go-to. This natural product has been used for years to treat hair loss and damage. When you use aloe vera, the scalp is treated and soothed to excellent conditions.

You can use aloe vera on your hair two to three times a week for best results.

Bringing your hair back to where it was isn’t something that happens overnight. It will help if you commit to going the distance. With various products to help you, you need to find the right one among them. Here are just a few steps that will ensure your hair gets back to its former self.