TeleTracking Technologies, Sodexo announces renewal of sales partnership


TeleTracking Technologies and Sodexo, Inc. announced a multi-year renewal of their long-standing sales partnership to bring automated patient flow and transport solutions to hospitals.

Sodexo, which provides essential facilities and food services to hospitals across America,  implements TeleTracking’s comprehensive software solutions to automate housekeeping and transport services, which in turn reduces patient wait times by making beds more readily available and removing lag time from the patient transit process.

"Our long relationship with TeleTracking brings value to our clients by providing tools that allow us to maximize patient flow, thus helping Sodexo fulfill our mission to bring our clients solutions that improve the Quality of Daily Life for all patients, clinical staff and family each and every day," said Anthony C. Freeman, SVP, New Ventures and Brand Development for Sodexo.

"This partnership has helped Sodexo and TeleTracking maintain leadership in delivering more efficient patient flow to hospitals," said Anthony Sanzo, CEO of TeleTracking, "which ultimately means more hospitals can provide better care for more patients."  Constricted patient flow is a worldwide health problem which denies patients access to timely care in an appropriate treatment setting, Sanzo said. "Sodexo recognized over a decade ago that automating the patient flow process could be the solution to this problem."