ViaSmart introduces PowerCaddy and TechTote for patient safety


ViaSmart announces its latest products, the PowerCaddy® and the TechTote™. Designed specifically to assist health care professionals in positively identifying both the patient and the specimen collected, the PowerCaddy carries and protects a PDA (hand-held computer) and a mobile printer in a lightweight, durable tote. Each caddy includes a tube rack and plenty of space for tools and supplies. Unique to the PowerCaddy is the way in which the components in the caddy are charged. This one-of-a-kind device implements patent-pending technology to simultaneously charge the internal batteries of both a PDA and mobile printer by simply placing the PowerCaddy upon a charging bank. Once the caddy is removed from the charging bank, the flow of electricity is halted, thereby ensuring a "green" solution.

As hospitals strive to decrease costs, reduce waste, become more efficient, streamline workflow processes, and maintain safety standards with positive identification all while achieving "green" standards in the workplace, ViaSmart offers the PowerCaddy as the perfect solution. Mark Stocking, President of ViaSmart, states, "Not only does the caddy safely store essential equipment; it helps to decrease the chance of mislabeling specimens because the labels print right at the patient’s bedside, thereby eliminating the need for pre-printed labels. This is an important cost-savings to hospitals because label waste is eliminated." Mr. Stocking also states that mismatching equipment is no longer a factor as essential equipment remains in the caddy. Nurses and phlebotomists can simply utilize the caddy as a "grab and go" item ensuring efficiency with ease and mobility.

ViaSmart has innovative products that will revolutionize how patient specimen collections are processed.

The TechTote is similar to the PowerCaddy, but was developed for customers who already have charging devices but still want the protection and convenience of transporting essential data track and labeling equipment.

As a "made in America" company, ViaSmart is proud of its efforts to assist hospitals in their quest for 100% positive identification in patients and specimen collections. This unique, revolutionary product has proven to simplify the workflow process as well as offer a compact, durable, mobile solution for nurses and phlebotomists everywhere.