What You Need to Know About Hair Serums


Hair loss is one of the common problems that millions of men and women have to suffer. This is why it is fairly common to see many products in the market aiming to provide hair loss solutions. Among those that are growing in popularity are serums like CL Activating Serum, which promote hair health. If you are new to hair growth serums, here are some things you should know about before you start using them:

Will Hair Serums Make Your Hair Grow?

Genetics play a huge role in determining hair regrowth rate, which varies from one person to another. You also have to keep in mind that various factors contribute to a person’s hair loss. Usually, hair loss can be due to hormonal changes, specifically after giving birth, or it can also be due to stress. In these cases, the hair follicles are often too damaged even to produce new hair growth, and this process is often irreversible. You cannot use hair serums alone to encourage hair growth, but they can promote the health of hair follicles.

What Are the Uses of Hair Serums?

While hair serums will not make your hair grow back, they have tons of other benefits:

Repairs Damaged Hair

Hair serums have been proven to repair damaged hair. They can tame frizz and flyaways by nourishing hair follicles, giving it a fuller and thicker volume. They can also prevent the spread of split ends that can weaken hair strands. Most hair serums have oils and extracts that condition hair, repair dead skin cells, and improve blood flow to the scalp. They are great for giving the hair an enviable luster. Serums can also provide a protective sheath to lock in moisture and fight the adverse effects of styling ingredients and tools.

Improves Hair Growth Cycle

Hair serums will never make your hair grow back, but they can help improve the hair growth cycle of hair follicles. When this cycle is working correctly, you will notice a significant reduction in hair loss. Activating serums can help stimulate dermal papilla cells that are significant in regulating hair follicle development and growth. Furthermore, hair serums are critical in blocking the activity of 5 alpha-reductase, which contributes to hair loss.

Keeps Hair Healthy

If you want to keep your hair healthy and strong, hair serums can be useful in promoting this. They have ingredients enough to give nourishment to your scalp and promote healthy hair. You would notice that the longer you use them, the hair becomes glossier, signaling good health.

What Are the Ingredients of Hair Serums?

Hair serums are usually a mix of essential oils, phytoextracts, biotin, and a number of bioactive ingredients such as coconut oil, natural extracts, zinc, and amino acids. When all of these ingredients work together, users can notice significant changes in their hair health.

How Do You Effectively Use Hair Serums?

  • If you want to get maximum results, you have to effectively use hair serums. Here’s how:
  • You should use hair serums after washing your hair. While it is still wet, take two to five drops of the hair serum.
  • Apply it on areas where there is hair thinning. Massage it using in a circular motion so the scalp would completely absorb it.
  • Do this routine at least two to three times a week.

Promoting hair health should be part of your routine if you want to make sure that you won’t have any bald spots. For those with a genetic predisposition to hair loss, it helps to follow a healthy diet and remove any potential stressors that can further cause hair loss.