Wright Medical announced the acquistion of the RAYHACK(R) Wrist Reconstruction System

Wright Medical Group, Inc., a global orthopaedic medical device company, announced the acquisition of the RAYHACK(R) System for complex wrist reconstruction.

The RAYHACK(R) System consists of procedure-specific bone-cutting guides and fixation plates that allow precise shortening and repositioning of the radius and ulna, the two major bones of the forearm. These surgical procedures are offered to patients suffering from wrist arthritis secondary to trauma or Kienbock's disease, an avascular condition of the bones of the wrist. The RAYHACK(R) System complements Wright's innovative portfolio of orthopaedic products for surgery of the hand, wrist and elbow. This portfolio includes the MICRONAIL(R) intramedullary wrist fracture system and the market-leading EVOLVE(R) radial head implant and SWANSON finger implants.

John M. Rayhack, M.D., a Tampa, Florida based orthopaedic hand specialist and inventor of the devices said, I am pleased to join Wright Medical in expanding the availability of these bone-cutting guides and fixation plates to surgeons worldwide. Wright's size and dedication to the extremity market makes them a perfect fit to deliver these advanced technologies to surgeons everywhere.

Aaron Smith, Wright's Senior Director of Extremities stated, Dr. Rayhack is recognized as a technical pioneer among his peers in hand surgery. The RAYHACK(R) System is a highly refined product for some of the most challenging disorders of the wrist, and is already the preferred solution in most of the top hand surgery centers in the United States.