Quantum Medicine: A Return to Our “self”


What if a doctor told you to tap into your vital energy in order to heal your body; how would you react? This is what quantum medicine suggests in a nutshell. But what does it mean and how does it work?

Quantum Medicine and Nanotechnology

Quantum medicine is considered energy medicine. It is based on the idea that the body is not only matter but also vital energy. If that vital energy is disturbed or blocked, it will not only cause discomfort but can also bring diseases into the body. How does it work? Today’s medicine is based on cellular biochemical exchange. In quantum medicine, it is the communication of electromagnetic information between the cells that determines our health.

This may be a difficult concept to integrate, but quantum medicine is also very real. Through the use of quantum dots, it is possible to detect intracellular events, track cell migration, map tissue and demarcation to name but a few of their capabilities. Thanks to the advent of nanotechnology, which is used to create the quantum dots, there are new ways to detect diseases and treat them.

Can we understand Our Self and heal it?

Quantum medicine implies that our vital energy carries information and that this information is intelligent in nature. In other words, if we are able to connect to our higher Self, we can understand what is going on inside our body to help heal it. How? By unblocking the flow of information which is causing the disease.

It is a proven scientific fact that all matter is energy. The field of electromagnetic frequencies has been studied for over a century now and scientists have found that everything has its own vibrational frequency and it can be measured precisely (in hertzes). As technology evolves, the vital energy inside us can be measured more and more clearly.

Adopting quantum medicine will take time as it will force us to think of a disease not only as a biological problem anymore but also as a lack or blockage of information running through the body. Suddenly we will become more than just organs and tissues. We will reconnect with our own vibrating electromagnetic field where our information resides, so we can maintain homeostasis (find equilibrium and stability).


Meanwhile, science is bringing more and more quantum elements to our lives. As we saw earlier, the use of quantum dots is becoming more frequent and not just for medicinal purposes. Thanks to quantum physics, we now have products like iPhone, smart televisions and many more. No doubt that the quantum knowledge will keep growing in the years to come.