Durham University Develops Breakthrough Prostate Cancer Test

NORTH-EAST scientists have announced their latest innovation of a prostate cancer test that could help quick and accurate diagnosis of the most common cancer in men.
Professor David Parker and Dr Robert Pal working in Durham University’s Department of Chemistry have developed this breakthrough technology that identifies citrate levels which can signal the onset and progression of prostate cancer.
This non invasive technology uses light to measure fluid samples from the prostate gland and conducts accurate test in about a minute and does not require a pre-test, such as taking a blood sample.
This technology is currently under clinical studies at UCL Hospital London led by Mr Mark Emberton, a renowned consultant clinical urologist and is expected to be available end of September 2014 across clinics in the US and Europe with regulatory approval.
Durham City-based FScan Limited has agreed a worldwide exclusive licensing deal with Glide Pharma with an upfront fee, development as well as payments and royalties on future product sales.
Glide Pharma has plans to adopt the technology to help identify and measure the amount of a chemical substance in biological specimens.