Life-saving data sent via Bluetooth

Mobile Gateway is now Bluetooth compatible with the Philips HeartStart MRx monitor/defibrillator, allowing paramedics in the field to wirelessly send patient data to hospitals and caregivers without the use of mobile phones, modems or expensive wireless adaptors.

The Philips HeartStart MRx is one of the medical industry's leading defibrillators/monitors. The device features the longest battery-powered operating time, the largest colour display and fastest time to shock of any monitor/defibrillator.

"We designed the Philips HeartStart MRx to embrace data interoperability and to hand off data using open standards such as Bluetooth. This sets the stage for companies like In Motion Technology to take our data and ensure that it moves reliably through their vehicle area network," said Mike Miller, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cardiac Care, for Philips Healthcare.

"This will help to send 12-Lead ECG information quickly and reliably, allowing EMS responders to focus on patients, while critical medical information reaches those responsible for the next level of care. Enhanced connectivity between the ambulance and the hospital can be used to expedite STEMI protocols and, therefore, has the potential to reduce door-to-balloon times for patients."

In Motion's onBoard Mobile Gateway handles not only ECG information but also data from a full range of first responder devices, including laptops running electronic patient care reporting, computer-aided dispatch and automatic vehicle location, surveillance cameras, RFID devices and emergency vehicle diagnostic tools.

"This technology is part of our ongoing commitment to paramedics and first responders," said Moir. "We are working every day on solutions that help paramedics and first responders shorten response times, maximise fleet efficiency, improve patient care and make every aspect of emergency medicine more effective.