Barco’s latest 3D now integrated with FUJIFILM’s PACS


Medical imaging specialist Barco has introduced a new version of its Voxar 3D advanced visualization product that integrates seamlessly into FUJIFILM’s Synapse® PACS platform. The new integration allows Synapse users to read their studies faster without major infrastructure investment, and provides a five-fold increase in image loading performance.

As imaging studies continue to get more complex, radiologists need more advanced and efficient tools,” stated Jim Morgan, FUJIFILM’s Director of Marketing, Network Systems. “Delivering this custom Synapse / Voxar 3D 6.3 integration was a high priority for us, knowing that the results of it mean major productivity gains for radiologists and other imaging specialists. The two systems now share data and memory, providing Synapse users with truly rapid access to advanced visualization, and eliminating the need for physicians to wait for 3D.

With Voxar 3D 6.3 integrated into the Synapse PACS, users throughout the enterprise can read more studies in less time. They can access 3D tools with one click, and save and resume advanced visualization throughout the workflow using Barco’s patented Live Image technology. Furthermore, with the client-server version of Voxar 3D, ‘Voxar 3D Enterprise’, they can now load an entire 2000-slice series at full diagnostic quality in 13 seconds.

Voxar 3D enhances productivity further by providing all the features required in daily workflow. The package includes industry-leading MIP, MPR and 3D tools, as well as clinical applications for vessel analysis, CT cardiac analysis, CT colonography and PET/CT reading. In addition, these features are available at any Synapse workstation throughout the enterprise and even those workstations in remote locations.

Delivering a solution that was also cost-effective was another high priority when developing Voxar 3D 6.3. “A key element of Voxar 3D is that it does not require a major investment in software, hardware, or network infrastructure,” explains Calum Cunningham, Market director at Barco. “It is designed for a standard Synapse workstation environment. What’s more, it uses off-the-shelf hardware so facilities can benefit from the latest technology at the lowest cost. And it is priced as a Synapse workstation option with flexible concurrent licensing.”

Voxar 3D has been in continuous development since 1999, and has been integrated with Synapse since 2002. Today, more than 5,000 Voxar 3D licenses are in use, and over 3,300 of these are PACS-integrated.

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