iSOFT Implements iSOFT UltraGenda Pro Planning Solution at Sehos

iSOFT, a CSC company, has implemented its UltraGenda Pro enterprisewide planning solution at the first two departments of St. Elisabeth’s Hospital (Sehos) in Willemstad, 
Curaçao, the Netherlands Antilles. The Neurology and Rehabilitation departments at St. Elisabeth’s now use UltraGenda Pro electronic calendars for scheduling appointments. Both departments went live with UltraGenda Pro within half a day. 
With 350 beds, St. Elisabeth’s Hospital is the largest hospital on the island of Curaçao, and it also serves  as a regional hospital for the islands of Aruba, Sint Maarten and the BES islands. The departments of  neurology and rehabilitation at St. Elisabeth’s together schedule around 100 appointments a day. iSOFT UltraGenda Pro ensures that the calendars at these two departments are optimally booked.    
At the department of rehabilitation the majority of appointments are for recurring appointments for the hospital’s physiotherapists. iSOFT UltraGenda Pro makes it easier to schedule and re-schedule exactly this type of appointment. iSOFT UltraGenda Pro automatically cancels and re-schedules the entire series of  appointments, so it is no longer necessary to manually cancel individual appointments.   
“Staff at both departments are very pleased with the new solution. UltraGenda Pro provides a very clear  overview and entering data takes place in just one screen, as compared to the old solution, which makes it  fast and easy to work with,” says Elmer Kwidama, ICT Manager at St. Elisabeth’s. “UltraGenda Pro will definitely help us improve efficiency and reduce workload, and it will allow us to move forward in enabling web-based scheduling.”  
Staff were eager to start working with the new solution, as was demonstrated immediately after the go-live. 
The entire day had been scheduled for training at both departments. After only half a day of instruction, all team members were already working with the new solution.  
The multilingual capability of UltraGenda Pro has an additional advantage in the international setting at St. Elisabeth’s. The language of the planning solution can be set to English or Spanish for individual users, which makes it easier to use for staff who are from South America or the US.  UltraGenda Pro will now be rolled out at the other eleven departments at St. Elisabeth’s, starting with the Cardiology department. 
About UltraGenda Pro 
UltraGenda Pro is the iSOFT solution for enterprise-wide, multi-disciplinary scheduling in hospitals and care institutions. UltraGenda Pro integrates easily with departmental systems such as RIS, PACS or OR systems, and also with order management systems, EPR and patient administration systems. It can easily be deployed together with a patient portal for web-based scheduling. UltraGenda Pro is used by more than 100 hospitals and institutions across Europe. It is a customer-friendly, patient-friendly solution that increases productivity and improves service levels.