LymeCoachings New Lyme Audit Questionnaire Generates Wellness Predictor Scores And Customized Plans

LymeCoaching's new Lyme Audit is designed by Lyme experts and doctors to assess an individual patient's current wellness trajectory and to generate a customized plan to help improve it. The questionnaire is a first of its kind because it assesses and evaluates all the major factors that go into achieving wellness – including lifestyle, personality style, emotional factors and attitudes – in addition to treatment analysis.
"Over the years we have noticed that most Lyme patients who achieve wellness have a lot in common with each other," says LymeCoaching cofounder Diana Rocha. "Our Lyme Audit identifies and quantifies these factors to help us guide the patients who participate to make faster and better progress."
All patients who complete the questionnaire can schedule a free, 30-minute follow-up phone consultation with a Lyme coach who will be either a case manager or naturopathic doctor. During the call, the Lyme coach will explain the patient's Lyme Wellness Predictor Score©, which is determined by comparing their results with the results of patients who are Lyme success stories. These current and former patients, who have regained most or all of their health, often share specific behaviors, characteristics and attitudes. After the Lyme coach explains the patient's Wellness Predictor Score, they will offer specific suggestions on how the patient can improve their health based on the audit results.