The American Academy of AntiAging Medicine A4M hosts largest event in AntiAging Medicine


The American Academy of AntiAging Medicine A4M hosts largest event in AntiAging Medicine December 1113 2015

The 23rd A4M Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine concluded Sunday, December 13 with a record number of attendees. Over 5,200 attendees, 325 exhibiting companies and 100 speakers gathered at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas for a conference providing CME in preventive and integrative medicine.

Opening Remarks set the stage about the need for a change in medicine and the common frustrations in the medical field amongst practitioners. With the pressures in practice including insurance restraints, HIPAA, EMR, overhead, the Affordable Care Act, it painted the picture of what is important in treating the individual patient at the root of the cause of disease. Attendees were asked to think about what the change would mean for them individually and what this light bulb moment looked like.

Dr. Maroon, Pittsburgh Steelers neurosurgeon, WWE Medical Director, and soon to be portrayed in the upcoming film Concussion, presented on advancements in concussion management.  Dr. Wiener, IBM Healthcare's Chief Medical Information Officer, presented "Healthcare in the Age of Cognitive Computing".  Friday's session ended with an entertaining presentation by Dr. Damania, outlining the problems of the US Healthcare system and how he transitioned his practice as a hospitalist to a patient-centered organization dedicated to preventative care.  His presentation was revered as one of the best.

Dr. Mark Rosenberg, Director of the Integrative Cancer Fellowship at Metabolic Medical Institute (MMI), presented the ENOX2 protein and the research that surrounds it. In his opinion, this research is "worthy of the Nobel Prize" and will revolutionize cancer therapies. Dr. Andrew Heyman, the Program Director of Integrative Medicine at The George Washington University, discussed "Understanding the Stress, Thyroid, Hormone Connection & Prioritizing Systems".  One clinician shared she "learned more about the root causes of chronic neurological disorders from Dr. Heyman's lecture than in my entire residency training".

Guest Keynote Dr. Kevin Pho from, took the audience through his decade-long social media journey and discussed how social media can make a profound difference in healthcare. Dr. Daniel Kraft, founding Executive Director and Chair for Exponential Medicine, examined the rapidly emerging, game changing technology trends, and how they will be leveraged to change the face of healthcare and practice of medicine in the next decade.

Throughout the weekend, attendees shared their "light bulb moments" showcasing how their passions were reinvigorated.

"I graduated medical school 40 years ago. I was taught inflammation was the result of some insult in the body. So glad I now know there are still many things I don't know that I don't know. A4M makes this clear at EVERY Conference. Thank you!"– Caryl Mussenden, MD.

About the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

Established in 1992, the A4M is the leading nonprofit medical society dedicated to the detection, prevention and treatment of age related diseases. Dedicated to educating physicians, scientists, and the public on biomedical sciences, breaking technologies, and preventative medicine issues, the A4M is comprised of over 26,000 members from 120 nations worldwide including healthcare practitioners, scientists, researchers, and governmental officials.