The mHealth Summit today announced that Walgreens' Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Harry L. Leider, will open the 6th annual Summit with a keynote address on December 8.  The mHealth Summit, the largest global conference and expo focused on the intersection of mobile/ wireless and healthcare delivery, will include pivotal discussions on the mobile health ecosystem and the future of innovation.
Walgreens is the lead sponsor of the new Consumer/Patient Engagement Pavilion at this year’s mHealth Summit.  The pavilion will focus on the application of wearables, sensors, trackers and other devices for aging independently, as well as personal health technologies that are being implemented within clinical practice or adopted by consumers for health self-management.  
Dr. Leider has more than 20 years of experience as a physician executive in a variety of innovative healthcare organizations. At Walgreens, he is responsible for ensuring enterprise-wide health and wellness service offerings and outcomes that provide customer value and improve patient lives.  Walgreens, the nation's largest retail pharmacy chain, with more than 8 million customers engaging daily, has launched a number of innovative mobile health (mHealth) programs to encourage healthy behaviors and engage individuals to better manage their wellness.  
"We are delighted Dr. Leider will be a featured keynote speaker at the mHealth Summit, representing one of the leading organizations committed to engaging consumers in health self-improvement, and enhancing customer experience, through personal connected health technologies," said Richard Scarfo, Director, mHealth Summit, and Vice President, Personal Connected Health Alliance. "This year, the Summit is creating unique programming for healthcare providers, payers and the life sciences industry, adding to our diverse delegation. Dr. Leider's perspective and experience in critical areas, including disease management, medication adherence and managed care, will be of great interest to our attendees."
Taking place December 7-11, at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in the Washington, DC area, the mHealth Summit will put a spotlight on disruptive innovation, evidence, research, trends, opportunities and big ideas shaping an emerging global shift in healthcare that puts consumers at the center and makes health and wellness an engaging part of everyday life.
mHealth Summit convenes domestic and international thought leaders in healthcare, technology and industry, government officials, researchers, advocates and investors to advance the use of mobile and connected health tools and facilitate their integration into healthcare delivery. It is part of the newly formed Personal Connected Health Alliance, an international non-profit established by Continua, mHealth Summit and HIMSS to represent the consumer voice in personal connected health. 
GENERAL REGISTRATION:  Registration for the 6th Annual mHealth Summit is now open (www.mhealthsummit.org/registration).  
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About the mHealth Summit
The 2014 mHealth Summit, the global convener of the expanding mobile health ecosystem, explores the disruptions, challenges and opportunities of the integration of mobile and wireless technologies into the healthcare system, and in consumer and patient engagement, for the delivery of better health outcomes. The 6th Annual mHealth Summit will take place December 7-11, 2014, in Washington, D.C. Focusing on four fundamental platforms – technology, business, research and policy – the mHealth Summit is presented by HIMSS, in partnership with Continua, the Foundation for the NIH and the mHealth Working Group. mHealth Summit is part of the Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA), an international non-profit organization established by Continua, mHealth Summit and HIMSS to represent the consumer voice in personal connected health. Visit the mHealth Summit for more information; and follow at @mhealthsummit or #mHealth14.
 Gina Cella