111, Inc. to Launch First Online Diabetes Patient Management Platform with Lilly China


111, Inc., a leading integrated online and offline healthcare platform in China, announced that it is launching a new diabetes patient management platform in cooperation with Lilly China.

The two companies will work together to build a comprehensive diabetes patient management platform that includes services such as disease management, disease education and patient support programs to enrich patients’ knowledge of chronic disease management and to better help diabetic patients to self-manage from home. The platform will seek to harness the power of internet hospital technologies, big data and artificial intelligence technologies to provide diabetic patients with a comprehensive digital health management solution.

111 has accumulated extensive experience in operations management in the area of chronic disease, especially in diabetes, laying a solid foundation for the development of the diabetes management platform. With the transformative power of technology, the platform will seek to provide patients with a one-stop solution for “physician consultation + medication” services, allowing patients to consult with qualified physicians online, and receive personalized healthcare management services, online refill service, and medication delivery services.

As the first multinational pharmaceutical company to join the platform, Lilly China will leverage its expertise in the field of diabetes management and will also offer a variety of patient management and support programs, including “Lilly Connected Care Program” and Patient Benefit Program, to eligible diabetes patients, with the aim of providing personalized disease education and health management services. In addition, with its deep experience in the diabetes field, Lilly China will help to develop a directory of disease education resources to help patients understand risk factors, signs and symptoms, and treatment options.

Commenting on Lilly’s collaboration with 111, President and General Manager of Lilly China, Mr. Julio Gay-Ger, said, “The internet + healthcare model has increasingly gained recognition from the Chinese government, and Lilly China is actively exploring innovative business models in collaboration with a number of third-party platforms, including internet hospitals. Joining 111’s diabetes patient platform is an opportunity for Lilly China to conduct disease management and education through online hospitals, and also improve access to Lilly China’s various patient support and benefit programs for diabetic patients.”

“China has over 100 million diabetic patients, and it is crucial to help this large group of patients to manage their health effectively,” said Dr. Yu Gang, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of 111. “As a technology enabler of the pharmaceutical health ecosystem, 111 looks forward to working with Lilly China to leverage resources and core competence in each of our respective fields, and explore an efficient management model of diabetes. This collaboration aims to deliver better care and medical outcomes for patients with chronic diseases by developing an integrated digital health management platform. Our ambition is to leverage on technology to overcome the constraints of time and location to provide greater convenience for both patients and physicians,” Dr. Yu Gang noted. “Through our platform, we hope to provide patients with better access to information on diet, exercise, and medication specifically tailored to their individual needs, as well as a personalized management and treatment program that could help improve their own health. A step closer to the goals of Healthy China 2030.”

About 111, Inc.

111, Inc. is a leading integrated online and offline healthcare platform in China. The Company provides hundreds of millions of consumers with better access to pharmaceutical products and healthcare services directly through its online retail pharmacy and indirectly through its offline pharmacy network. 111 also offers online healthcare services through its internet hospital, 1 Clinic, which provides consumers with cost-effective and convenient online consultation and electronic prescription services. In addition to providing direct services to consumers through its online retail pharmacy, 111 also enables offline pharmacies to better serve their customers. The Company’s online wholesale pharmacy, 1 Drug Mall, serves as a one-stop shop for pharmacies to source a vast selection of pharmaceutical products. The Company’s new retail platform, by integrating the front and back ends of the pharmaceutical supply chain, has formed a smart supply chain, which transforms the flow of pharmaceutical products to pharmacies and modernizes how they serve their customers.