5 Tips for Heavy People to Get Better Sleep


Rest and sleep have a significant influence on your daily mood and productivity. Inadequate or poor sleep quality often causes you to be cranky, jumpy, or on edge the following day.

Noise, lights, and temperature are a few things that can disturb our sleep. However, the sleep battle is a lot more difficult for heavy people because they are faced with different medical conditions and sleep posture problems that make sleeping better almost impossible.

We say almost because, well, it’s possible, but only if you follow a few sleep tips. To know what these are, keep on reading!

5 Sleep Tips for Heavy People

Here are a few things heavier people can try to improve the quality of their sleep:

1. Find a high-quality mattress.

We cannot emphasize the importance of a good bed. Your mattress plays a big role in your comfort while you sleep. Generic beds may not have enough support and durability to provide for large bodies.

The heavier you are, the more support your mattress should have. Mattresses for heavy people are firmer and can deliver the level of support you need. These can also designed to withstand pressure and keep its shape for a long time.

2. Go for durable bed frames.

Aside from upping your comfort level, bed frames are also used to promote durability. Heavy people must make sure that you choose a bed frame that provides supports the bed well. You must also make sure that it won’t cave in or squeak when you lie on the bed.

Steel frames are a good choice. Check out the frame’s maximum weight capacity to make sure it can accommodate your weight. Steel frames may not be stylish, but they are highly reliable. You could always DIY some headboard and footboard to make it look better.

3. Avoid eating a few hours before bedtime.

If you have acid reflux, eating a few hours before bed is not a good idea as it can aggravate your condition. Lying on bed delays food movement and digestion. It also increases the chances that the food will reflux and go back up the esophagus. This will cause a burning sensation in the esophagus, chest, and stomach that you would surely not want to experience.

Bonus tip: A higher pillow can help prevent the acid from regurgitating while you sleep. This is also a good intervention for if you are experiencing sleep apnea.

4. Use the right pillow according to your preferred sleeping position.

For heavy sleepers, adequate support is essential for better sleep, and you can also get that from a pillow. To choose the pillow that will provide you the support you need, you should consider your sleeping position.

Side sleepers need about 5-7 inch tall pillows to accommodate the gap between the head and the shoulders. Back sleepers would find pillows between round 4 inches high to be more comfortable and keep the spine aligned.

Sleeping on your stomach is not encourage, especially if you are on the heavier side. But if you’re used to this sleeping position, the best thing that you can do is use thin pillows.

Your pillow must help you keep your spine aligned and parallel to your bed, whatever your position is.

5. Choose fabrics that are comfortable for you.

Heavier people are at risk of sleeping hot. Fortunately, this can be minimized by choosing bedding made of breathable materials. Some of the materials designed to help you sleep cooler are gel-infused memory foam mattress, bamboo pillow cover, and latex mattresses.

Final Thoughts

Heavy people may experience more sleep problems than other people. Luckily, all these issues can be addressed or prevented through simple sleep hacks. Apply our sleep tips, and you can surely enjoy a night of restful and peaceful sleep!