Clario Partners with ArtiQ to Integrate AI into Clinical Trial Data Collection


Clario, a healthcare research technology company that delivers the leading endpoint technology solutions for clinical trials, today announced a partnership with technology startup ArtiQ to increase certainty in respiratory clinical trials that require spirometry data. The new partnership enables access to AI-based reviews of spirometry data collected on the Clario platform for clinical trials.

Spirometry is a test used to help diagnose and monitor certain lung conditions by measuring how much air a patient can breathe out in one forced breath. During clinical trials, spirometry tests can help scientists evaluate the effectiveness of potential new medicines. Consistent and accurate over-reading of the results is complex and requires significant scientific expertise to allow for comparability of readings. Deep integration of AI overreading of spirometry results, along with optional human supervision, provides increased speed and scalability of clinical trials and certainty in the data collected. Investigators and patients also stand to benefit through instant feedback on the quality of the test they perform. This means tests can be reliably performed at the patient’s home or, if conducted on site, there is no need to re-book repeat tests if results are uncertain.

Commenting on the new partnership, Achim Schülke, Chief Innovation Officer said: “Clario’s partnership with ArtiQ demonstrates how AI combined with scientific expertise can transform clinical trials for sponsors and patients alike. Together, we will collaborate to optimize clinical trials that involve spirometry, challenge the status quo and unlock new levels of efficiency, quality and patient focus. Using AI, the experts on Clario’s Overread team can focus on what matters most, which is identifying problematic data and outliers, tracking disease-related questions and assessing new endpoints.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Clario to bring ArtiQ.QC to more respiratory clinical trials around the world,” said Marko Topalovic, CEO of ArtiQ. “At ArtiQ, we are committed to revolutionize the way highest quality data is collected in respiratory clinical trials, and our partnership with Clario is a key step in achieving this vision. ArtiQ.QC represents the future of spirometry data collection, and by integrating this cutting-edge AI-based technology into more clinical trials, we are able to boost the efficiency, further optimize data collection and increase chances for positive outcomes. This is just the beginning, as we strive to lead the industry with our unwavering commitment to improve patient outcomes through innovative and visionary solutions.”