Harco announces contract to manufacture MediGLIDER products for ConMediSys


Harco Metal Products (Harco), an industry leader in tube fabrication, systems integration, and seamless, cost effective manufacturing, announced the contract to manufacture MediGLIDER™ products for ConMediSys.

ConMediSys, the developer of safety products for health care facilities, created the MediGLIDER™ to address the growing risk and cost associated with staff injuries caused by physically lifting and moving patients. The MediGLIDER™ is a gurney with a built-in conveyor belt that allows one person to move a patient from one location to another without physically lifting them. Harco Metal Products manufactures the chrome side rails that keep the patient on the MediGLIDER™ during patient transport, along with the chrome end rails used for structural support to maintain the mechanical integrity of the unit.

Harco Metal Products, Inc. was first approached to assist with developing the product in 2009. The development team faced issues regarding weight versus strength, design functionality and a cost-effective method to produce a high quality bright polished finish for the final assembly.

"Servicing the medical industry is a natural progression in Harco’s business model," says Harco President Jay Hall. "This project not only demonstrates our immense capability to produce parts of any kind for any industry, but it solidifies Harco’s reputation as a producer of accurate, safe, and reliable metal parts."