Hawke’s Bay Hospital to install new Mindray technology


New Zealand-based Hawke’s Bay Hospital’s Coronary Care Unit (CCU)is set to install the new Mindray technology to provide patients more freedom and comfort while receiving medical care.

Being installed by Connected Healthcare Systems, the new technology will allow patients to connect to mobile software that feeds real-time information through Wi-Fi onto multiple screens, including hand-held devices.

Hawke’s Bay District Health Board medical service director Paula Jones said:“The technology is significant because it not only gives patients the freedom to move around, rather than being hooked up in bed to traditional hard-wire monitoring systems, but specialists can keep track of their patients at the push of a button.

“Ward staff also have the ability to closely monitor patients via large touch screens at the nurses’ station, even if the patient is away from the ward. For example, if a patient needs to go to another department for tests, they can stay hooked up to their wireless monitoring devices meaning cardiology staff can keep constant track of their vital signs.”

In case a patient is discharged and later returns to hospital, then their previous monitoring information can also be swiftly retrieved and viewed by specialists with a simple click.

Connected Healthcare Systems product specialist Steve McDowell said that the Mindray technology was extensively used in the UK, Europe and Australia.

Other DHBs in New Zealand are also planning to install the new technology in the near future.