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Disrupting the Healthcare Sector

Disrupting the Healthcare Sector

The rapid emergence of new technologies in today’s businesses has created significant opportunities for industries around the world. The healthcare sector, for one, is...
Making healthcare technology work

Making Healthcare Technology Work for Your Staff

A workforce that is never overworked and never underutilized is the grail of healthcare leadership.With time-poor or disengaged staff, mistakes caused by a communication...
accenture clinical health management

Saving Millions Annually by Tweaking Telecommunications and Energy

As part of Northside Hospital’s transformation of its Supply Chain and Procurement operations, Northside Hospital (Northside) engaged Accenture to identify potential savings across certain...
Improving Quality of Care

Improving Quality of Care, Workflow Efficiency and Capacity with Wire-free Breast Tumor Localization

During the past three decades, investment, innovation and advances in new technologies and procedures have markedly improved our ability to detect and diagnose early...

Reach beyond user security awareness, training will never be enough

The data held by the healthcare industry is highly confidential and includes details on every birth and death, every immunization, basically every interaction you’ve...
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Modernizing Device Management to Empower Healthcare Workers

Clinical engineers, though not broadly recognized outside the industry, are often regarded as the unsung heroes of the hospital ecosystem. They are a constant,...

Study Links Bedside Access to Evidence-Based Nursing CDS and Increased Hospital Value-Based Care...

Hospitals that arm nurses with bedside access to evidence-based nursing procedures and real-time step-by-step guides for clinical decision making at the point of care...

How Can Big Data Power The Future Of Healthcare

In today’s world, the usage of big data has made huge leaps in in various industries, healthcare is no exception. Being one of the...
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Quicker, More Accurate Diagnoses for Dangerous Diseases and Genetic Disorders

Stand first: There is growing awareness of the valuable role that diagnostics can play, both in the early identification and treatment of dangerous or...

Elsevier collaborates with M Modal to launch next-generation diagnostic decision support workflow

Elsevier, the global information analytics business specializing in science and health, and part of RELX Group, announced that it has entered into an agreement...


Hospital & Healthcare Management Magazine - HHMGlobal Apr. 2019 Issue
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The need to understand the various aspects & requirements to enrich healthcare delivery system has become more important now than ever before.
The industry is reforming at a much faster rate and so balancing quality & cost are at the top priority for the providers.

And with this in mind, we introduce the latest edition of Hospital & Healthcare Management Magazine - Vol 8 Issue I, your one-stop resource that helps you stay up to date with the issues that matter the most.

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