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Early Experiences with MoLEP for BPH

Early Experiences with MoLEP for BPH

The prevalence of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) gives us the opportunity to continually hone our approach to treatment through many repetitions. Our experience has...
Cloud Computing Has Brought to Healthcare

6 Benefits Cloud Computing Has Brought to Healthcare

Every day, more and more organizations migrate their data to either the cloud or a hybrid server. There are many benefits to doing this,...
Digital Health

Digital Health – from Hope, Hype, and Halt to Hope, Heal and Health

AbstractOver the past 40 years, the healthcare community has been repeatedly excited by the hope of providing better care through the effective adoption of...

5 Proven Strategies Hospitals Can Use to Boost Efficiency

Better efficiency is one of the ongoing goals at most workplaces, but it's arguably imperative at hospitals. In those settings, processes that waste time...

Outsourcing in Healthcare The Pros and Cons

When properly managed, outsourcing helps improve patient care and maximize staff efficiency.There’s a very good argument to be made for outsourcing. A healthcare provider’s core...
Making healthcare technology work

Making Healthcare Technology Work for Your Staff

A workforce that is never overworked and never underutilized is the grail of healthcare leadership.With time-poor or disengaged staff, mistakes caused by a communication...
accenture clinical health management

Saving Millions Annually by Tweaking Telecommunications and Energy

As part of Northside Hospital’s transformation of its Supply Chain and Procurement operations, Northside Hospital (Northside) engaged Accenture to identify potential savings across certain...
Improving Quality of Care

Improving Quality of Care, Workflow Efficiency and Capacity with Wire-free Breast Tumor Localization

During the past three decades, investment, innovation and advances in new technologies and procedures have markedly improved our ability to detect and diagnose early...

Reach beyond user security awareness, training will never be enough

The data held by the healthcare industry is highly confidential and includes details on every birth and death, every immunization, basically every interaction you’ve...
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Modernizing Device Management to Empower Healthcare Workers

Clinical engineers, though not broadly recognized outside the industry, are often regarded as the unsung heroes of the hospital ecosystem. They are a constant,...


Hospital & Healthcare Management Magazine - HHMGlobal Sep. 2019 Issue

Sep 2019 ebook

The output in the healthcare sector has not been much impressive compared to the Hype created about the digital transformation of healthcare delivery. Along with some known facts that all the stakeholders of the delivery module has to participate equitably, there are some other key question that needs to be answered as well.
With this in mind, we introduce the latest edition of Hospital & Healthcare Management Magazine

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