HBKiCare Sponsors Leading Middle East Telehealth Technologies Forum to Promote Remote COVID-19 Healthcare


HBKiCare a pioneering developer of IoT (Internet of Things) software for remote health monitoring, announced that it will sponsor the leading Middle East Telehealth Technologies Forum. HBKiCare was launched recently by Hamad Bin Khalifa Department of Projects (HBK DOP) from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) together with its partner, SURE Universal Ltd, a leading software developer from Israel specializing in remote patient monitoring.

With the COVID-19 driven tsunami in the telehealth sector, the Middle East Telehealth Technologies Forum brings together leading healthcare companies in the Middle East to share their experiences, lessons learned, and to discuss opportunities and digital health challenges.

Anwar Hussein, CEO of HBK DOP, stated: ” We are proud to sponsor this Middle East Telehealth Technology forum and demonstrate a solution for COVID-19 that can benefit the health and well-being of the entire Middle East region.”

SURE’s CEO, Viktor Ariel, will give a keynote presentation about HBKiCare’s remote outpatient IOT monitoring solution for COVID-19.

“We are excited to participate in this prestigious event and to speak about the importance of remote health monitoring during COVID-19 pandemic in our region,” stated SURE’s CEO, Dr. Ariel. “I am proud of our HBKiCare product and our partnership with HBK DOP, which is bringing together new solutions and forging new relationships between Israel and our regional neighbours in the Middle East.”

HBKiCare, was the first joint product launch between an Israeli health-tech company and UAE firm following signing of the historic peace deal. The innovative product, powered by SURE’s technology, provides a Universal Remote Healthcare IOT platform and home care kit enabling continuous outpatient monitoring of wellness with maximum flexibility and affordability.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of patients that currently need care outnumbers the number of healthcare professionals. In addition, there is a threat of hospital acquired infections, which is a threat to both patients and medical practitioners. Telehealth addresses these challenges by enabling medical professionals to use early outpatient COVID-19 detection and monitoring with the help of new technology.

The HBKiCare platform uses inexpensive off-the-shelf wearable devices and SURE Universal’s software IoT platform to monitor patients at home both before and after treatment for COVID-19. It provides continuous monitoring of vital signs, such as, body temperature, blood oxygen, respiratory rate, heart rate, and even ECG, which comprise an essential COVID-19 monitoring protocol. All the devices have FDA or CE Medical certification and the software delivers routine as well as smart AI-based recommendations to doctors regarding patients’ medical conditions.


Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Mohammed Al Nahyan Department of Projects (HBK DOP) was founded by its Chairman, His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Mohammed Al Nahyan a member of the UAE ruling family to handle project investments and enter into JV partnerships with partners presenting viable and interesting projects with sustainability and job creation. His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Mohammed Al Nahyan is a seasoned business leader with a proven track record of success over the past two decades, across regions and including most segments of business. His leadership style is often described as visionary, innovative and inspirational.

About Sure Universal

SURE Universal Ltd is a pioneering developer of IoT software for remote patient monitoring, addressing the critical and growing need for accessible healthcare services worldwide. SURE Universal Care is a complete solution suitable for inpatient hospital care, outpatient treatment by clinics and old age homes, as well as wellness and fitness tracking and family care at home. SURE Universal Care platform is based on international standards for IoT and medical care to guarantee device interoperability, data security, and user privacy. SURE Universal works closely with international partners in the US, China, UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore and other regions. The company was co-founded by seasoned technology entrepreneurs, Mr. Ray Stata and Dr. Viktor Ariel, and is headquartered in Ramat Gan, Israel.