How Blue Light Exposure Affects Your Sleep And How To Avoid That


The quality of your night’s sleep and how it affects your wellbeing is recognized from early days, and it is a widely discussed and advised topic. There are millions of people suffering from some of the consequences of not getting enough sleep or getting troubled by some sleep disorder.

However, did you know that the light that radiates from all the screens surrounding you affect the way you sleep and the quality of it? It is just one of the downsides of living in a revolutionary electronic time, and until a solution to this inconvenience is found, you can try and avoid it by following or getting some of the next unravels.

Apps And Extensions

Being the consequence and a solution, smartphones and computers of the newer generations do offer an option to use dark mode or, if more advanced, an eye comfort shield. If you’re lucky enough – both.

Of course, the problem is if you have an electronic device of the older generation that is still working perfectly, but it doesn’t offer a solution to the problem it’s causing. One thing you can do is to search for some of the software that supports your operative system, whether for the desktop or mobile version. Another thing is to look for online extensions, as for the browser you’re using; that way, you will have eye protection when you’re online, at least.

Special Glasses

But what if your mobile phone or computer screen doesn’t have a built-in blue light reduction? Or it doesn’t support the specialized apps, or those are simply no good?

For those situations and people who are used to wearing reading glasses, for example, or are just looking for a more comfortable and secure way to eliminate blue light exposure, the perfect solution is getting one of those glasses that do just that and much more. For you and your kids to have a better night’s sleep, sometimes a simple pair of glasses is going to do wonders regarding nighttime routine, and you can also be sure that there’s not going to be any eye strain, dryness, tired eyes, or headaches. Wearing them the whole day is not a problem, and that way, you can be sure that any blue light coming from screens, phones, interactive build boards, car panels, etc., will be stopped.

One more great addition is that these come in different styles, versions, sizes and can be part of your next fashion style, as well.

Melatonin and Self-Control

Why is blue light especially bad for your sleepless nights is the way it affects your natural sleeping schedule or circle as it shambles your circadian rhythm – the one that tells when it’s time to sleep or to stay awake and reduces the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Human beings connect blue light to twilight, actually, and what happens is that when you watch television, your tablets or phones, approaching your sleep time or while already in the bed – it tricks you that you should stay awake and be active.

Therefore, if self-discipline is not an issue for you, the best advice is to stay away from any electronic device for at least 2 hours before heading to bed. Reading a book or a magazine is always a good approach to falling asleep easier and deeper, but make sure not to overread, as looking at something for a long time, whether it’s a book or a phone, can cause dry eyes and headaches, too.

One more solution is to increase the intake of melatonin, in case you cannot stay away from your favorite relaxing time in front of the screen before going to sleep. Gummies containing melatonin, as well as other natural sleep aids, have been gaining popularity as a healthy alternative to pharmaceutical solutions. Just make sure to consult with your doctor first about the right dosage for you.

DIY Screen Filters

Finally, blue light exposure at night is being easily and most effectively avoided by amber-tinted color (not yellow though, as it can also trick your brain into thinking it’s daytime). So, you can engage in a simple DIY project and search for plastic foils, amber-colored plexiglass, or get professional filters and make your own blue light barrier that you’ll put over the screen you’re watching.

The only issue is that you’ll need to cut out the right dimensions of every device and carry the filters around with you to make sure you’re being protected from any source.

Blue light is part of the sunlight, and it’s not a bad thing per se, as it can improve mood and performance, help treat depression, reduce fatigue and sleep problems, cure acne and skin issues, too. You just need to control the amount of exposition to it and try some of these simple pieces of advice. You will notice the quality of your sleep improve in no time.