How To Find The Right MSP For Your Healthcare Organization


Modern healthcare is faced with several challenges. The healthcare industry hasn’t been left behind regarding technology. It’s adopting technology every other day for efficient service delivery. Technology brings with it several issues like data breaches.

Data breaches in healthcare can cause much harm, considering the thousands of patient data these facilities collect and store. Such possibilities necessitate expert IT services. The ideal expert to hire is a managed service provider (MSP). As a healthcare organization, you want to ensure you find the right one.

Here’s how to find the right MSP:

Ensure They’re Qualified

Qualification goes down to training and experience. Adequate training shows the provider will meet your healthcare IT needs from the point of know-how. You’ll experience minimal to no errors. On the other hand, experience depicts the mastery of a skill. The MSP will offer its services to perfection and within the shortest period. There’ll be no hesitation in execution.

Ensure your chosen MSP has adequate training and experience. Verify the training by asking to see their education certificates and accreditations. With experience, inquire about the years they’ve offered their services. As you seek IT outsourcing from Tenecom, ensure they’ve served for several years. They’ll better anticipate and meet your needs.

Inquire About Their Resources

Resources are what will assist your chosen MSP in meeting your needs. These mainly touch on workers and technology. The managed service provider has several other clients besides you. You’d want to make sure they have a team big enough to meet your needs and those of other clients. None of you should compete for their attention. If that’s the case, you’ll likely experience substandard services.

Regarding technology, the latest and most advanced in the industry will ensure the MSP meets your needs efficiently. Therefore, ensure your chosen MSP has enough workers and the latest tools. It’s from’s CEO Adam and other gurus in IT outsourcing.

Get Recommendations

Finding the right MSP from scratch can take time and effort. You’ll be operating from an unknown and through trial and error. Hence, it’d help to get recommendations. Recommendations are referrals from friends, family, or other third parties who previously sought the services of an MSP.

It’s best if they’re in healthcare; the referrals will meet your specific needs. Overall, the list you get narrows down the search process. It’s important to note that your needs might differ from those of your friends and family. Further vet the providers to ensure they’re right for you. The list is only a starting point.

Look At Reviews

As you vet several MSPs, most of them will assure you of their excellent services by word of mouth. How sure are you they aren’t lying and it’s not about public relations (PR)? Reviews refer to feedback left by a company’s previous and current clients. They’ll help you verify their words’ legitimacy and gauge the service quality.

Find reviews on the managed service provider’s website. Most websites have this section. Alternatively, do a general Google search on the provider. Focus on feedback regarding their services. The right healthcare MSP should have more positive than negative reviews.

Consider Affordability

You don’t need to spend a fortune with the right provider to seek their services. Therefore, seek an affordable provider. What depicts affordability? Your budget.

A budget denotes what to spend on and to what extent. How much does your budget allow for managed IT services? Your chosen provider shouldn’t exceed your set budget. Ensure this by requesting quotes from several MSPs. Compare the figures and settle for the one whose cost falls within your budget.

It’s important to note that affordability also extends to your ability to make the payments as agreed, monthly or quarterly. Overall, you shouldn’t strain financially to get these services.

Inquire About Their Availability

IT healthcare issues can arise at any time. You could experience a data breach at 3 AM. The MSP should be available during this time, hence the need to consider the MSP’s availability. There are two aspects to availability: location and working hours.

Regarding location, hiring an MSP with offices near your healthcare organization is best. It doesn’t have to be the main office—a branch will suffice. You want to ensure they can easily pop in and out of your facility to assist you with your challenges.

Concerning working hours, it’d be advantageous if the provider offered 24/7 services. They’ll always be available, whether at night or during the day. Also, it’s best if they also work during holidays. Most healthcare facilities are always running and know no holiday.


A managed service provider is a great addition to your healthcare organization. They bring in expertise to handle your IT and ensure everything runs efficiently. The discussion above guides on finding the right MSP. Adopting them as you search for a provider is in your best interest. The process is much faster and there are higher chances of success.