Integra LifeSciences featured in Forbes 2008 List of 200 Best Small Companies

Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation , a world leader in regenerative medicine, announced that it has made Forbes magazine's 2008 list of "200 Best Small Companies."

The Forbes 200 Best Small Companies ranking is limited to companies with sales between $5 million and $750 million and a stock price of $5 as of September 29, 2008. A company's ranking is based on return on equity, sales growth, and profit growth over the past 12 months and over five years. Forbes also compares a company's stock performance with that of its industry peers.

Stuart Essig, Integra's President and CEO and CEO says, We're very pleased to have been named to Forbes 200 Best Small Companies.  Since Integra's inception in 1989, Integra has grown from a company with one product – an artificial skin, used in wound and burn care, called Integra(R) Dermal Regeneration Template – to a company with thousands of medical devices and instruments. Today, our company is a market leader in neurosurgery, we've embarked on a similar course in the hand, foot and ankle sector of the orthopedics market, and we've recently entered the spine market.