NDS Surgical Imaging Launches Color Correction Technology (CCT)

NDS Surgical Imaging (NDSsi) launched its proprietary Color Correction Technology (CCT)*. This dynamic color calibration solution is designed to fine tune the color response of surgical displays, uniquely correcting high-definition images in real-time on a pixel-by-pixel basis. The result is accurate, consistent color across all displays, conforming to international standards.

Jens Ruppert, Vice President & General Manager, Surgical Business Unit at NDSsi said, Subtle differences between screens, and varying spec requirements from region to region have made color consistency a challenge until now. With the launch of NDSsi’s Color Correction Technology, we are solving this issue pixel-by-pixel, which is a great advantage to both surgeon and patient.

Color Correction Technology calibrates a display so that the colors produced correspond to recognized or established standards, such as the BT.709 HDTV color standard, (the global standardized format of HDTV as recommended by The International Telecommunication Union’s radio telecommunications sector (ITU-R)). This correction can occur in real-time, thereby allowing the display to be reconfigured to satisfy the specific needs of the end user.