Lumeris releases innovative technology platform to improve quality of care delivered to consumers


Lumeris, a leader in provider performance management technology and services for the health care industry,announced the general market release of its innovative technology platform that helps health plans and other health care delivery organizations reduce the cost and improve the quality of care delivered to consumers.

Called Maestro, the technology aggregates claim, pharmacy, lab and other pertinent data from across the entire continuum of care within a specialized data warehouse, where the data is transformed into actionable information and decision support interventions shown through experience to positively influence provider behavior, lower costs and improve quality.

In development for more than two years, the Maestro technology platform is comprised of three fundamental components:

Data Warehouse: In most health care organizations, data is trapped in silos that make it difficult or impossible to perform meaningful analysis. By collecting disparate data from across the continuum of care and consolidating it into one common view, users can confidently find those areas best positioned for improvement.

Rules Engine: The Maestro rules engine applies conditions and measures to the modeled clinical, financial and administrative information contained in the data warehouse. The engine then executes these conditions and measures to monitor and report on provider performance, making adjustments as new data enters the warehouse.

Although the conditions and measures within the rules engine may be customized, Maestro is pre-loaded with a library of specific content-rich applications called ‘CareTargets’ that are based on particular diseases, provider behaviors, utilization patterns and patient populations shown through experience to have particular value to Maestro users. The final number and types of CareTargets are unlimited; anything that is measurable can be monitored and addressed through a CareTarget application.

Web Portal: Maestro includes a customizable web portal providing organizational stakeholders secure and reliable access, through a series of dashboards and reports, to the key information and metrics uncovered by its rules engine. The web portal also serves as the host for various provider engagement tools including but not limited to comparative scorecards and benchmarks, alerts, secure messages, decision support and interactive learning. As the rules engine monitors provider performance and identifies areas for improvement, these engagement items are automatically generated and distributed to relevant providers through secure messages that drive them back to the web portal, where actionable information and decision support is shared.

Lumeris customers also have access to a host of complementary applications and services that will give them additional support in achieving cost and quality improvement goals, such as value-based payment modeling, custom reporting and analysis, and field agent support for provider engagement efforts.