Surgery Assistance Smart Glasses: New tech partnership means revolution in the Operating Theatre


Surgery Assistance smart glasses, which are specifically customised for use during surgeries, are set to completely transform communication and interaction in the operating theatre.

Iristick and Rods&Cones announce their partnership to create a technology solution that will revolutionise real-time collaboration in the OT – between surgeons, attending surgeons, and product experts: a total solution for remote assistance in surgery.

Introducing Surgery Assistance smart glasses – a powerful new device and software solution that’s set to completely transform the way that surgeries are performed.

Developed by pioneering Amsterdam-based medical device experts Rods&Cones, and Antwerp/New York-based technology specialists Iristick, these smart glasses enable real-time remote collaboration between OR surgeons, attending surgeons, and product experts – without all of them needing to be physically present in the same room.

High Tech, But Easy To Use

The easy-wear, high-tech smart glasses are equipped with two individual cameras, microphones, and a powerful optical zoom lens – which can be operated by the remote assistant; giving an unrestricted, close-up view of each surgery’s progress and real-time feedback.

The smart glasses feature a QR code scanner which enables surgeons to ‘dial-in’ colleagues and or industry experts, simply by looking at the right code. The smart glasses will respond to voice commands and are guaranteed to have enough battery capacity to last for up to 8 hours – meaning they can last for an entire hospital shift.

Rods&Cones is the only remote assistance solution fully adapted to the sterile operating environment. All the functions of the smart glasses are remotely controlled and do not require the surgeon to touch the glasses while operating. Additionally, the design team at Rods&Cones’ have made specific enhancements to handle X-ray video feeds, high contrast screens of in-theatre devices and red balance issues. Rods&Cones selected Iristick glasses as their technology platform due to their comfort, ergonomics and suitability for use in surgery. Through the Iristick open platform, Rods&Cones has been able to integrate its bespoke software resulting in this powerful and innovative solution.

Unique, lightweight, and comfortable; the smart glasses can be set up quickly by hospital technicians – or even by doctors themselves. The solution comes ready to use out of the box. All the user needs to do is turn on the pocket unit and look at the right QR code when needed.

Increased Efficiencies That Promote Safety

Iristick’s smart glasses allow surgeons to have almost instant access to the best available advice during surgery, while increasing efficiency and knowledge transfer, shortening intervention times, reducing travel times and costs – with the ultimate aim of helping improve patient safety and outcomes.

“Surgeons are isolated from many support systems because of the safety and sterility regulations,” explained Johan De Geyter, CEO Iristick. “But thanks to Rods & Cones’ software platform – customised with our smart glasses – surgeons can connect easily, zoom in on the smallest details, and complete more successful surgeries – hands free, quickly and effectively.”

“We believe our partnership with Iristick has the potential to revolutionise the way surgeries are conducted and make healthcare more efficient in many ways,” said Bruno Dheedene, Rods&Cones co-founder, CEO, and veteran medical devices sales specialist.

“We’ve seen the need firsthand in hospitals across Europe and tests show that there are immediate benefits straight away, from an efficiency and cost perspective. And given that they could be used anywhere with an internet connection; there’s huge potential for their use in fieldwork – especially in more remote locations where surgeons are in limited numbers.”

Trials done Q3 and Q4 2019, have yielded very positive results and both companies are keen to partner with other device manufacturers, hospitals, emergency providers, charities and medical professionals.

Rods&Cones was founded in Amsterdam, Netherlands with a mission to help surgeons all over the world to create a more efficient work environment. Rods&Cones started development of the Surgery Assistance smart glasses in 2017 and commercial activity began in 2019. Rods&Cones started development of the Surgery Assistance smart glasses in 2017 and commercial activity began in 2019. Rods&Cones has offices in Amsterdam and Turnhout, Belgium.

Founded in 2016, Iristick creates industrial smart glasses to support enterprises and healthcare workers in their digital transformation. Iristick empowers the deskless operators of the Industry 4.0 future in three domains: remote assistance, digital procedures and pick-by-vision logistics. Iristick smart glasses are currently being used and tested by customers in maintenance, after-sales support, logistics, shop floor activities, quality control, tele-medicine and healthcare. Iristick, based in Antwerp, Belgium and New York, USA supports customers globally. Winner of a Red Dot Award 2018.