GE Healthcares New Wide bore MR System


GE Healthcare introduces Optima MR450w, an MR system with a wider bore that provides the most advanced image quality, and in less scans. The system serves the needs of the 1 in 5 U.S. patients who are obese or claustrophobic and require a ‘larger’ imaging system.

Additionally, Optima MR450w is clinically optimized for specific anatomies, including industry leading breast imaging capabilities, can accommodate more patients with fewer scans and less coaxing for high patient throughput and satisfaction. The wider, 50-cm field of view scans more anatomy and the 70-cm wide bore provides enhanced patient comfort.

Jim Davis, general manager of MR, GE Healthcare says, Our customers needed a wider system to enable them to meet the needs of obese and claustrophobic patients. Without sacrifice to image quality, our new MR system provides productivity and will increase patient access to the most advanced diagnostic tools.

“GE has overcome the traditional limitations that sacrificed image quality for size of scan,” says A. Joseph Borelli, Jr., MD, president and medical director at Belfair Medical Clinic in Bluffton, S.C. “As radiologists, administrators and technologists continue to demand productivity without compromise to image quality, GE Healthcare is uniquely positioned to offer applications and capabilities aimed to drive efficiency, improve usability and reinforce growth.”

Built on a fully redesigned MR platform, the Optima MR450w offers applications and capabilities that improve usability as well as providing the following features:

    * Condition-Specific Features: Advanced anatomy-optimized capabilities for imaging breast, spine and cardiovascular regions.

    * Redesigned Platform Accelerates Image Quality: An exclusive optical RF system and a new 145-cm long magnet offer uniform tissue contrast and optimized MR signal for clean, crisp images

    * Patient-Centered Optimization: Exclusive removable table minimizes time between scans while productivity enhancements dramatically reduce time of MR studies

Optima MR450w is backed by GE Healthcare’s Continuum promise to provide customers peace of mind in avoiding obsolescence.


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