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This section provides an overview of the organizations we are currently dealing with and have dealt with in the past which are sorted below country-wise.

The key to value-based elderly care: Prevention & Rehabilitation

A new BDO report, ‘New Perspectives on Elderly Care’ brings to light a substantially greater ‘unhealthy life years’ figure than commonly accepted. Among the 10 countries included in BDO’s new report, the years an elderly person could spend in poor health can be as...

Controlling Healthcare – Acquired Infections in the Superbug Era: Why Hand Hygiene and Surface Cleaning are not Enough

Hospitals today face an acute crisis: the spread of infection among patientsIn high-income countries, 5% to 10% of hospitalized patients — including 30% of patients in intensive care units contract an infection during their stay. Each year, in Europe and the United States, hospital...

Operational Excellence Crossroads: Humans and Machines

The digital disruption in manufacturing creates a dynamic landscape where Operational Excellence (OE) strives for stability, quality and efficiency while continuing to service an increasingly demanding customer.With a unique, cross-industry perspective, Kepner-Tregoe consulting and training is at home in factories, shipyards, mines and also...

Are you Prepared for the Next Cyber Attack

The amount of healthcare data breaches continues to grow year-over-year, and as healthcare organizations move to increase security measures in one area, attackers are finding new ways to access their systems to compromise the organization and steal data.Whether it is ransomware, data breaches, or...

Top Four Reasons Patients Adopt a Hospital-Branded Mobile App

A successful hospital mobile strategy must take a patientcentric approach to development and embrace the reality that patients are consumers with high expectations for the mobile apps they choose to adopt.A mobile app that features indoor navigation is increasingly a top priority for hospitals...

Five Strategies for Health Systems to Increase Patient Payments

With 65% of patient financial liabilities never collected bad debt is a massive problem for all health systems and providers.As high deductible plans rise in prevalence, higher out-of-pocket expenses will continue to drive the growth of patient debt. Additionally, patients have begun to evaluate...

For the Critical Issue of Cancer-Related Financial Toxicity, Xcenda and Family Reach Collaborate

Xcenda consultants lent their scientific research, medical writing, and design expertise to collaborate on a white paper spearheaded by Family Reach, titled Cancer-Related Financial Toxicity and its Pervasive Effects on Patients and Families: Solving a National Health and Economic Crisis Hiding in Plain Sight.Cancer-related...

The future of digital medicine and how will it impact healthcare?

This exclusive report covers trends in digital medicine policy, financing, privacy, and partnering. It includes perspectives from over seventeen of the most influential thought leaders in the space. Gain new insights to help you develop your digital strategies!Click here to download the full WhitePaper

An Analytic Prescription

The health care and life sciences industries lag financial services and retail in bringing analytic expertise to the front of the business.The biggest barrier is cultural – the need to adapt people’s mindsets and business processes, and to create a culture where people understand,...

How to Stay Current on Immuno-oncology

As Immuno-oncology (I-O) continues to play a more relevant role in cancer treatment, overcoming challenges related to the development of immunotherapies becomes increasingly important. Developing I-O trials requires thoughtful planning. Download ICON’s latest white paper to read about:Click here to download the full WhitePaper


Hospital & Healthcare Management Magazine - HHMGlobal Dec. 2018
Dec 2018 ebook

Effective Management always play an important role in many aspects of the healthcare delivery system. The industry is reforming at a much faster rate when compared with the providers and so balancing quality and cost is a big challenge now.

And with this in mind, we introduce the latest edition of Hospital & Healthcare Management Magazine - Vol 7 Issue III your one-stop resource that helps you stay up to date with the issues that matter the most.

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