Florida Radiology Group Purchases Dual-Detector DRX-Evolution System From Carestream Health


Hospital & Healthcare Management/ Press Release/ 9th February 2011: Doctors Imaging Group of Gainesville, Fla., purchased a dual-detector  CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution  suite from Carestream Health for its high-volume outpatient imaging center in Gainesville. The imaging center will achieve maximum productivity with this configuration in which a cassette-size, wireless DRX-1 detector is placed in the buckys of both the wall stand and table. Either detector can be removed for extremity, cross table and other complex imaging exams. The private radiology group owns and operates three outpatient centers in Gainesville and one in Palatka, Fla.

Rob Hardin, Chief Executive Officer, Doctors Imaging Group said, After thoroughly investigating the best digital radiography systems offered by several manufacturers, we believe the CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution provides a compelling combination that matches advanced features and technology with an attractive price. This highly productive imaging system will allow our technologists to capture high-quality digital radiographs, while achieving faster patient exam times.

The DRX-Evolution system helps improve both workflow and patient care with a system designed to move around the patient, instead of requiring patient positioning to accommodate the needs of the equipment. The fully automated suite of precision x-ray equipment captures images in about five seconds and transmits imaging exams to a facility’s PACS over a wireless network.

Doctors Imaging Group’s imaging centers offer diagnostic x-ray, MR, CT, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, digital mammography and bone density exams. These imaging centers have delivered state-of-the-art imaging services to patients in north central Florida for the past 30 years. Its radiologists are board-certified physicians, with many specializing in women’s studies, musculoskeletal studies, body imaging, neuroradiololgy, vascular and interventional radiology and diagnostic and therapeutic spine and joint procedures.

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