Global E-Health Forum – Hamburg 2011 will take place on October 11-13


Designing Personalized Healthcare

Hamburg, February 2, 2011: Improving the quality of healthcare, increasing the efficiency of the systems and ensuring patient empowerment – these are the common goals worldwide when discussing the necessary transformation of the systems in order to guarantee a sustainable healthcare delivery in the future. The Global E-Health Forum – Hamburg 2011 will represent all the major stakeholders involved in designing personalized healthcare.

“E-Health is increasingly seen as a key enabler for this transformation”, so Ljubisav Matejevic, founder and director of the Global E-Health Forum. “And as a key enabler for the evolution process towards personalized healthcare in general. Healthcare that is proactive, instead of reactive, gives the patient the opportunity and the responsibility to become more involved in their own health. The ultimate goal will be to shape preventive and diagnostic care to match each person’s unique characteristics.”

The first two conference days will feature speakers from all over the globe. Their strategy presentations and case studies will be complemented by discussion forums, workshops and an exhibition of solution providers. The third day is dedicated to various breakout sessions and guided tours at different locations (among others hospitals) targeting the individual information needs of special interest groups.

The Global E-Health Forum is an interdisciplinary platform to discuss strategies, cross-border cooperation and collaboration, innovative economic/financing models. “We need to learn from best practices regarding quality and knowledge management, standardization, process optimization. And we need to implement a patient-centric way of thinking.” concludes Ljubisav Matejevic. “Our challenge is to design personalized healthcare.”

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