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Healthcare Challenge: To Heal or Die

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From the TV show, “House”, the irascible but brilliant Doctor House tells a class of med students that they will make mistakes and they...

Telehealth: a keystone for future healthcare delivery

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Telehealth is now being mainstreamed by PCTs across the country in order to prevent avoidable hospital admissions to hospital and monitor long-term needs within...

Science and Technology in Clinical Sterilization.

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There has been a growing understanding of the microbial threats that exist in laboratory & medical practice as of today. Simultaneously these threatening trends...

Lab-on-chip traces circulating tumor cells

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Imagine a medical laboratory performing a genetic test to detect metastasis from blood in a breast cancer patient. Shrink this laboratory down to an...

eHealth And Emerging Rich Web Technologies

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Finland is a Nordic country with a population of 5.3 million inhabitants. The country is famous for a good system for healthcare and social...

Fullerene Nanomedicines for Medical and Healthcare Applications

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Nanotechnology is the creation of useful, functional materials, devices, and systems through controlling and manipulating matter at the molecular level. It is a multidisciplinary...

The Pursuit of Efficiency: Automation in Health care

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Everyone is talking about “living green” – taking whatever steps we can as individuals to use less energy and use it more efficiently. That...

Intelligent Ultrasound – An Evolving Modality

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During the last years there has been a rapid development concerning new techniques for the use of various cardiac imaging methods. Besides the well-known...

Rays Of Hope: The Past, The Present And The Future Of Radiotherapy

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Cancer has long struck fear in the minds of patients and their families. Through much of human history, the scourge of cancer most often...

Interactive Patient Care – The Missing Link in Consumer Directed Healthcare

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While consumer directed healthcare (CDH) is receiving wide-spread attention from the media, the scope is often on electronic medical record adoption or health savings...