Mount Nittany Health Converts to DR with Purchase of Carestream Imaging Systems


Mount Nittany Health purchased three CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray Systems and upgraded nine X-ray rooms and one mobile imaging system with CARESTREAM DRX-1 Systems and CARESTREAM DRX Plus Detectors (video). Radiology supervisors, technologists and physicians evaluated four suppliers during a 10-month period. The health system, including its medical center, surgical center and several outpatient locations, recently completed the conversion.

“We selected Carestream as our vendor of choice after evaluating the image quality, user interface, software capabilities, image resolution and overall performance of systems from major imaging suppliers,” said Dana Miller, Administrative Director of Radiology, Mount Nittany Medical Center.

“Carestream’s advanced software expedites the use of imaging data for quality assurance, exam repeat rates and other image reports mandated by regulatory requirements,” said Ms. Miller. “Productivity is significantly improved since technologists can swipe their badge to log in instead of using a manual process. That’s a tremendous time savings that further expedites our workflow.”

Three DRX-Revolution mobile systems are installed at the medical center. The facility also implemented 20 standard-size Carestream DRX Plus detectors to upgrade imaging systems at the medical center and outpatient imaging locations. The medical center performs an average of 1,700 portable exams per month and other Mount Nittany Health imaging locations capture more than 5,000 imaging exams a month.

In addition, three DRX Plus 4343C detectors are used in chest Buckys while four small-format DRX 2530C detectors capture extremity images and are used in the medical center’s women’s and children’s departments. All of the detectors use cesium iodide technology that offers higher detective quantum efficiency (DQE) for lower dose and improved image quality. DRX Plus detectors offer reduced weight and a thinner design for even easier handling along with an advanced enclosure that offers protection against liquid ingress and meets IEC Level 7 (IP57).

“Carestream’s intuitive user interface enhances productivity for technologists as they operate multiple X-ray systems and selecting a single supplier streamlines equipment management,” according to Ms. Miller.

Carestream DRX Plus detectors can be used with any DRX system to help deliver flexibility and enhance productivity.