Pricing and Reimbursement in Japan: Costly Healthcare System Inefficiencies Increase The Focus On

The government has relied on simple P&R tools to contain rising healthcare costs and provide a  reasonable level of healthcare.


  The government has relied on simple P&R tools to contain rising healthcare costs and provide a   reasonable level of healthcare. However, factors such as a healthier elderly population are masking   healthcare system inefficiencies, boosting healthcare costs and increasing the focus on cost   containment. Although the rise in drug spending is slowing down, it remains a visible cost   containment target.
  Scope of this report

    * Overview of the Japanese healthcare system, detailing trends shaping healthcare provision             including how P&R fits in
    * In-depth analysis of the Japanese P&R infrastructure, examining how P&R tools are used to contain costs
    * Examination of macro trends shaping healthcare provision and the P&R environment
    * Identification of future trends shaping P&R tool use and healthcare evolution in Japan

  Research and analysis highlights

  Over the last decade, biennial drug price cuts and increasing patient co-payment levels have been the   key tools used to contain pharmaceutical expenditure.

  In the future, a range of factors will impact the P&R environment, including greater generic uptake,   the wider adoption of a prospective payment reimbursement system, and determining a solution to   providing the elderly with adequate yet cost effective healthcare provision.

  A range of macro trends are also impacting drug prescription and P&R, including: rising healthcare   costs as a result of system inefficiencies, the fact that innovation is neither well-cultivated by   Japanese drug developers nor well-rewarded by the Japanese government, and lastly the effects of an   ageing population combined with a stagnant economy.
  Key reasons to read this report

   * Gain a clear understanding of the healthcare market dynamics and factors influencing healthcare provision in Japan
    * Understand the role of different P&R tools in healthcare cost containment in Japan
   * Gain insight into how P&R and more global macro trends are set to shape healthcare provision in the future.