CLEAR Partners with LabCorp to Deliver COVID-19 Immunity Credentials


CLEAR has partnered with LabCorp to improve the utility of its Health Pass application. Thanks to the partnership, Health Pass users can now link the app directly to their LabCorp Patient account to share their health status without disclosing any other personal information.

CLEAR Partners with LabCorp to Deliver COVID-19 Immunity Credentials

The two companies are hoping that their alliance will make it safer to return to public spaces during the pandemic. It will also allow CLEAR to unlock the full potential of its application, which debuted in May. In that regard, Health Pass was originally designed to be an immunity credential, but it initially relied on self-reported survey results to determine COVID-19 status, with few countermeasures to prevent misleading responses.

However, CLEAR was aware of those limitations, and indicated that it would be searching for a partner that would allow it to share official COVID-19 test results. That process has come to an end with the LabCorp partnership. Health Pass users will now be able to share genuine lab results that have been corroborated by an independent testing source, making the app far more reliable as a COVID-19 screening solution.

Health Pass leverages face and document recognition to verify the identities of its users. Those users can access their LabCorp account through the Health Pass app itself, and their test results will be displayed as either a red or green signal to support public safety measures while still protecting the privacy of individual civilians.

The Health Pass app is available for iOS and Android devices. The test and survey results can be synced with a temperature scan performed with CLEAR hardware, or paired with facial recognition to enable touchless access control at points of entry.

“This partnership will advance users’ safety by creating a discreet, secure way to share their test results when they enter public settings and workplaces,” said CLEAR CEO Caryn Seidman-Becker.

The restaurant group Founders Table carried out a pilot of the Health Pass system at two of its locations in July. The NHL would later use the technology to monitor the health of its players during the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs.

LabCorp, meanwhile, has performed 15 million COVID-19 tests thus far. The relationship between LabCorp and CLEAR is similar to the one between Yoti and GeneMe, which also links COVID-19 results to a secure digital credential.