Feeling Calm in Stressful Situations


Everyone feels upset or worried at times, but if you find yourself constantly struggling with feelings of anxiety, you might feel you can never calm down. It’s a good idea in this instance to get some help from a medical professional, since this can be a sign that something is wrong. There are also a few strategies you can use to reduce your anxiety.

Don’t Be Afraid to Choose Medication

There is no shame in needing to use a prescription as needed during big moments to help yourself stay calmer. One type of medication you might choose is prescription betablockers for anxiety. They block adrenaline, causing your heart rate to slow down and reducing your blood pressure. They are trusted by professionals to stop symptoms of nerves, such as shaking hands. You can start your online visit with the medical team, and give them clear and thorough answers so that they are able to determine the appropriate dosage for beta blockers that will help your anxiety.

Practice Deep Breathing

Breathing is an excellent way to help you feel calm quicker. When you are nervous about something, your breathing tends to come quickly and shallowly. That only makes things worse, since it tells your brain you are in a fightorflight situation. By forcing your body to take longer, deeper breaths, you are telling your brain there is nothing to worry about.

Try using three-part breathing. It involves taking a deep breath and then exhaling. You should pay attention to your body as you do so. Try doing this when you are feeling calm, so it is easy to do when you are feeling nervous about something. This strategy can also be great to use at bedtime if you find yourself fighting sleep because of anxiety. Since sleep quality impacts health in many ways, a bedtime routine to have a truly restful night can be a great daily practice.

Think Things Through

It’s a good idea to take a step back and think things over before you let yourself get carried away. You might try thinking about whether this will matter to you next week. You can also think about how important this will really be in the long run. When you think this way, you can shift your focus, allowing you to give the situation the reality test. In these types of situations, people tend to become more focused on the cause of the feelings, causing rational thoughts to leave. By taking a step back and really thinking about the situation, you allow your rational thoughts to return, leading to a better outcome.

Focus on Something Else

Whenever you are next feeling anxious about something, try to focus on something else. If you think about how nervous you are feeling, you will only make yourself more nervous. Instead, try going outside, walking to another room, or exiting the situation. That way, you can make better decisions. You won’t think at your best if you are feeling angry or anxious since your brain goes into survival mode. It is fine if you are in danger, but it is not the best if there is not a life-threatening situation. When you feel yourself starting to feel nervous, it is also a good idea to listen to some music. When you listen to music, you can help your mind and body feel a lot calmer.