GE Healthcare’s first portable ECG, MEDICAL TEXTING, arrives in US

Food and Drug Administration cleared GE Healthcare’s latest ECG (electrocardiogram) solution, the portable MAC 800, based on cell phone technology.  Targeting physician’s offices and the pharmaceutical industry, GE’s entry into the portable ECG market is as practical as it is innovative.

Dr. Matthias Weber, Vice President and General Manager of GE’s Diagnostic Cardiology business said, after reaching out to customers in the United States, we realized the market was ready for MAC 800’s unique SMS (short message service) keypad. With clinicians asking for a way to take communication and medical innovation into the 21st century and beyond, MAC 800 is a strong fit.

MAC 800 has the features of a full size, 65-pound ECG device, engineered down to under seven pounds, battery included. The unit’s integrated carrying handle enables clinicians to carry it like a briefcase, expanding access to care, regardless of patient location.  Its lithium ion battery keeps it running for roughly two hours and a quick, four-hour recharge ensures minimal downtime.

Weber said, In the US primary care market, portability, ease of use and EMR connectivity are essential. With the MAC 800, physicians get the latest ECG technology innovation combined with the assurance of exceptional ECG analysis to help them diagnose patients faster and more efficiently.