Safebrain Systems Inc. Announces a Renewed Partnership With Arizona State Hockey Program

Safebrain Systems Inc. (OTCQB:SFBR) President and CEO Michael Scott is extremely excited to announce that the Arizona State Hockey program has partnered with SafeBrain for another hockey season.
This is the second season that ASU Division I hockey had partnered with SafeBrain. The first season ASU and SafeBrain partnered was the 2012/2013 season, the most successful season in ASU hockey history. After working with SafeBrain sensors Head Coach Greg Powers claims it was an easy decision to continue their partnership with SafeBrain. "Last year was our initial season working with SafeBrain. There was a minimal learning curve with the product and the results were astounding. Having the ability to accurately gauge the impact of a hit is extremely important for our student athletes; I emphasize the student aspect. These athletes are here for an education first and foremost." Coach Powers also mentioned the recent advances of the 4th generation SafeBrain sensor, "I''m impressed with what SafeBrain has done to create a better product. They have taken into consideration our few reproaches and improved their product. The importance of a gyroscope to measure the rotational component of a hit in these sensors is immeasurable. SafeBrain has elevated itself above their competition."
Mike Scott expresses his enthusiasm for another opportunity to partner with a premier hockey program. "Renewing our partnership with ASU is something that we as a company take great pride in. The fact that this is our second year with the program demonstrates the quality of our product. They have had a full year to evaluate our original sensors and we evidently exceeded expectations. I am confident that our 4th generation sensor that ASU will be using this year will again exceed an even higher expectation." Mike Scott also commented on the recent NFL settlement, "This is a step in the right direction for a multitude of reasons. It''s another occasion to platform head injuries, which in turn highlights the significance of SafeBrain. We can no longer sit back and be reactive to head injuries, we need to be proactive. SafeBrain has taken that approach and we will continue to work with the brightest people in this industry to help ensure that our athletes are as safe as possible."
About Safebrain Systems, Inc.
With so much national and international publicity focused on head trauma in sports these days, primarily concussions, SafeBrain is working to become a strong leader in concussion awareness technology. SafeBrain''s product has been proven in team use and is backed by scientific evidence as a state of the art detection and preventative concussion exposure technology. SafeBrain is marketing to all football and hockey teams starting at the novice level through major junior and professional levels and will also be marketing to individuals and teams in other sports, such as skateboarding, skiing, biking, BMX freestyle, motocross, sport racing and lacrosse.