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Rays Of Hope: The Past, The Present And The Future Of Radiotherapy

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Cancer has long struck fear in the minds of patients and their families. Through much of human history, the scourge of cancer most often...

Interactive Patient Care – The Missing Link in Consumer Directed Healthcare

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While consumer directed healthcare (CDH) is receiving wide-spread attention from the media, the scope is often on electronic medical record adoption or health savings...

Enhancing Surgical Precision and Patient Safety Through Advancements in Electrosurgery

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More than 17.5 million electrosurgical procedures are performed annually in the United States, in a variety of surgical fields. Yet, electrosurgical methods have changed...

A Workflow Solution for Electronic Health Records to Improve Healthcare Delivery in Rural India

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Use of Information Technology in Healthcare,especially Electronic Health Records (EHRs),can potentially improve healthcare. However,worldwide the usage of EHRs is limited and studies in developed...

Health Spending Projections through 2015: Changes on the horizon

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“Unsustainable” is the word which best describes the healthcare system today. Frost & Sullivan is uncertain as to how far the healthcare industry will...

The Healthcare Conundrum and challenges

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One of the fundamental challenges the Global healthcare Industry faces is in reducing costs and providing a better baseline quality of care for most...

Is circulatory migration of nurses becoming a reality?

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International recruitment impacts every healthcare facility in the United States even if it has never recruited a foreign nurse.  Foreign trained nurses comprise roughly...

International Trends and Evolving Dimensions in Remote Healthcare

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In this rapidly changing world, information communication is essential. Accessibility of information has always been challenging and it becomes much more complex when it...

Today’s Fetal Monitoring: Responding to “Multiple” Needs

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The increasing number of high-risk pregnancies is placing greater demands on hospitals and obstetrical clinicians worldwide – and is resulting in a need for...

Interactive communication in healthcare environments-Achieving Excellence

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Delivery of quality healthcare is becoming more complex. Demands for efficiency, maintaining costs, and continuously improving patient care remain an ongoing challenge.Delivery of quality...